“Christmas – When Does It End”

Christmas Cards and letters too

Christmas Trees delivered

“When are they going up” I say

lights to be strung

and baubles hung

really, how much more?

cleaning house

so spick and span

Dining Table

to be prepared

is it really for one day


in this house

Festivities go on and on

every day a big meal

salad please I hear me say

Christmas Cake or two

Daisy waits and wags her tail

“Turkey and sausages too”

I hear her bark

but as for me I say

“not another bloody roast to cook”

while Christmas goes on and on

Hurry January 2nd

then we wait for

Christmas to come round again



The one and only.  As a Child I would hear this on the radio, as my Mother prepared the Turkey sent over from Ireland, for Christmas Day.  I always thought Christmas was American.  Then as a Married Woman I would have this playing as my Husband would come home from the City on Christmas Eve.







3 thoughts on ““Christmas – When Does It End”

    1. When I am cooking the Christmas Dinner, I play this, gets me through and a glass of Port and then the tears fall as I remember playing this as David would come home from the City on Christmas Eve – those first years, you remember yours! oh dear I must stop.

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