“Poetry Afternoon – With A Difference”

“Bitter Sweet Memories”


Bitter sweet

the memories are

of a marriage

not for two

those early days

the laughter

the love

but did it last

Two years

or was it Four or more

then others came

not my choice

albeit my mother and sister

you let them in

no Solicitors advice would you take

despite the fees you had paid

and despite it all

I still loved you

and hurt so much

being rejected by you

how short the days

of laughter and joy

the coldness you denied

but I could feel and saw

I did all you wanted me to do

your music, your books

your ways all to please

but still no love came my way

and now all these years have passed

bitter sweet memories of the past

I loved you to the end

and have stayed faithful

despite all the pain

even though the truth came out

you betrayed me, you betrayed us

your Sons the most important

of all that we went through

Bitter sweet Memories I recall

Bitter sweet memories, says it all


I wrote this as a tribute to my late Husband, you may find it odd but not all Marriages are “perfect”, we may even kid ourselves that they are, I did.  My Husband was always saying “it takes two to make a Marriage, it takes two to break a Marriage”.  I was the Second Wife, no I did not cause the breakup of the first, that had already happened, she had cheated on him.  Yet I always felt I was being punished for the ex wife and David would so often say in response to my “you are very hard on me”,his answer “I suppose I am”.  Sixteen years after he died one sunny afternoon, a friend that David liked so much, said something in my house – my Sons convinced it was deliberate, I think she just slipped up but that instant the love I had for my Husband “went just like that”, he had lied and lied bad enough to me but to young Sons that was unforgivable.  Yet I still think of him so much, and expect I always will!!





Johnny Cash – a Legend.

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