“This Time “

Just about to start some ironing, made a coffee – life could not get more exciting in my house.  My youngest Son in bed asleep, I hope.  He works throughout the night, starting 6pm – 7pm it was 9.30 before he went to bed.  My eldest Son is volunteering, as usual all day long in “The Mind Charity Shop”  –  its just me and my Dog, Daisy who is sound sleep as I type, in her bed.  She has had her tablet, her chew and her lunch.

Its cold here, despite having the heating on full, its foggy outside, you know those romantic kind of foggy pictures of London of days gone by.  I am not in London, although I worked many years in the City and loved it, hated having to give up my job on marriage.  I am by the Sea so this may be a combination of Sea mist as well, whatever it is IT’S COLD.

I can’t get this song out of my mind, all night long its been there, I keep muttering the words – lovely song and no one could sing it better that the man below  –  sexy, dangerous, kind what else one of the Worlds greatest Singers.  More people made Love listening to him, and made Babies too, than any other Singer.

So join me, make a coffee forget the ironing – bet you are not doing any – its all I seem to do.  Have that coffee, or Wine or whatever – sit back feet up, close your eyes and just listen and dream.






Written by Jimmy Webb whilst still at College.  So moving, makes you shed a tear, well it does (is) me.


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