Song/Performance For The Afternoon”

This person was and still is a personal favourite of mine.  Used to watch him when ever he came on the BBC, first of all I fell in love with his gorgeous good looks, then his Irish charm and then everything he said and done.   Hope you enjoy him as much as I always enjoyed watching him;

Dave Allen  –  Irish Comedian.  Unfortunately, he died far too young.


These days, Dave Allen would not have been allowed to  do religious sketches or mention faiths, we are too obsessed with “political correctness”, sad because in those days we could laugh at innocent fun – now its all “f..k this and that” and nudity everywhere, and I don’t find that funny.  I make no apology for Dave Allen’s fantastic jokes.  Enjoy.



6 thoughts on “Song/Performance For The Afternoon”

    1. He was lovely and so funny. He was known for his jokes about the Catholic Church, they excommunicated him when he and his first wife divorced. BBC would receive lots of complaints about his Catholic jokes and as a Catholic at the time, next morning at Mass the Priest would say he hoped no one saw Dave Allen on TV. Sadly, the jokes could not be said now because we all have to suffer “Political Correctness”. Pleased you liked it.

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      1. You are like me then Leonard, a lapse Catholic. I can’t think of the name of the famous Irish writer who said “once a Catholic always a Catholic”. I know the “Catholic guilt” exists!!


    1. He died in his sleep in his home in Kensington, London. I think it was his Heart. He was in his early 60s. Three weeks after Dave Allen died, his second wife of 18 months, gave birth to their Son, Callum. He had three children by his first wife, one he adopted, his Wife’s Son. The Catholic Church excommunicated him when he became divorced, ridiculous. You are right Cheryl, now we do take each other far too seriously, there was nothing wrong with the jokes, just a good laugh.

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