“Poetry Afternoon”

I have just finished putting the lights on the Christmas Tree in the Sitting Room and just realized I had not done the Poem for the day.   Now, stop I hear you saying “no, she has remembered”, well just in time I did.  So here goes.


It is from my Poetry Book “A Treasury of Great Poems by Louis Untermeyer.

John Donne  1573  —  1631

Extravagantly admired in his own day, angrily belittled in the eighteenth century, and enthusiastically rediscovered in the twentieth.  Donne is a prime example of the mutations of taste, Donne’s conflicts between flesh and spirit, his battles between individual faith and general disillusionment, are s characteristic of our age as of Donne’s.  It is significant that, more than three hundred years after Donne’s Death, one of the most powerful and controversial books of our time, Ernest Hemingway’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls, owes its title to Donne and its “motto” – so deep in its present implications – to one of his DEVOTIONS:


“Break Of Day”


Stay, O sweet, and do not rise;

The light that shine comes from thine eyes;

The day breaks not, it is my heart

Because that you and I must part,

Stay, or else my joys will die

And perish in their infancy


Beautiful words by John Donne, I do hope you enjoyed them.


4 thoughts on ““Poetry Afternoon”

    1. There is another Tree Rob waiting in the Conservatory to be put up in the Hall, it has to have the end cut to go in the stand, I can’t do that. Had a glass of Port after I did the Tree and afraid it went to my head, so didn’t do anymore.


    1. John Donne an extremely popular Poet now, although as you know like others he was heavily criticised in his lifetime. These critics can destroy a person in more ways than one, and the majority of the unjustified criticism is due to nothing other than jealousy.

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