“An Ambassador’s Assassination and Syria”

So now some, to put it mildly


has shot dead

the Russian Ambassador to Turkey

aged 62 whilst he was giving

a speech at an Art Exhibition

in Ankara, Turkey

that really helps the situation doesn’t it

I will keep my thoughts

to myself

as to what the Russians

will or should do now

does anyone expect Putin

to stay quiet on what has happened

just takes one stupid bastard

in this case a

22 year old off duty Policeman

who shouted as he put the gun to the

Russian Ambassador’s head

“don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria”

and this will help Syria, will it

what a World full of morons

or is it terrorists or freedom fighters

or whatever crap name they choose to defend

their so violent motives

What Will It Achieve


Its a Terrorist Attack

and Putin will……………………………………..

I can’t wait for all those who will

dissect every word of Putin’s

and the President Elect Donald Trump

but never mind

the Welsh, so called “Actor” Michael Sheen

who played Tony Blair another piece of s..t

since playing the man who took the UK to War

and with Bush helped the rise of ISIS

Sheen thinks he is Blair, God help us all

Sheen is entering Politics

and as he said “he is on the case now”

he will deal with the Far Right in France

in Germany, in England

you name it

and he will see to Donald Trump and Putin

my God they must be shaking

in their boots

Whilst an off duty Policeman

has caused a more dangerous situation


9 thoughts on ““An Ambassador’s Assassination and Syria”

    1. We do indeed, when I look back to growing up the fifties/sixties and after, we all felt so much safer – I know you had the terrible loss of life from Vietnam, but there was not the fear of bombs going off whilst shopping, terrorists hacking you to death on the streets (yes we had the IRA bombs that went too long) but now look at us. There is speculation here that Christmas will see video of a British RAF lad who went missing leaving a pub back in the late Summer – in Suffolk. Police have done very little, the Mother has been kept in the dark, the Government won’t answer any questions, the new PM and the last Cameron – there is fear he has been kidnapped by ISIS terrorists. Prior to him going missing there was a spate of attempts to kidnap Army/RAF personnel. So his Mother and the rest fear what is going to be announced. I fear terrible trouble if this lad is murdered and was tortured.

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    1. It is terrible Mick, appalling what do they expect Russia to do. Then hours later those horrific murders in Berlin the poor Polish Driver that was held captive, no doubt by gunpoint. There will be more. We have a feeling that young RAF chap that went missing has been taken and they are waiting for Christmas – its obvious there is a cover up, a blackout. His poor, poor Mother she keeps asking questions and no answers. It stinks like Dr Kelly – remember.

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