“Poetry – Christmas Week”

This week I am using just two Poets, my two favourite poets, Romantic what else.  If you like, selfishly it is a Christmas treat not only for myself but for a lovely Lady who is also a great admirer of one of the poets featured.

I hope  you will enjoy the poems, saviour every word.


“Little world full of little people

shouting for recognition, screaming for love,

Rolling World, teeming with millions,

Carousel of the hungry

Is there food enough?  Wheat and corn will not do.

The fat are the hungriest of all, the skinny the most silent.”


From James Kavanaugh’s most poignant “There are Men too gentle to live among Wolves”





I can just about get through the day,

but the night makes me nervous.

Not for any reason

except maybe that it catches you unaware,

and follows you

the way a woman does

when she wants something.



I’ve been in every kind of night

so I shouldn’t be afraid of the darkness.

But for some reason the night makes me nervous.


From Rod McKuen’s “Alone”


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