“Terrorists Attack Again”

Terrorists have struck again

this time in Berlin

at the Christmas Market

outside The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

my goodness brings it home

when we visited the Church some years back

and enjoyed ourselves in the Square

now the scene of a Terrorist Attack

which latest reports state Nine People Dead

multiple serious injuries

a Truck was driven into the busy

Christmas Market in the Square

and Police are saying every indication

is of a Terrorist Attack

Now what do you say Angela Merkel

never mind Putin or Trump

Angela Merkel and her

“all come” call to what innocent immigrants

amongst which were Terrorists plus

the home grown Terrorists

Wake Up the UK

and all those do gooders

who believe and bully the rest of us

into what they believe

that there are no “Home Grown Terrorists” in the UK

there are, they are everywhere

Two Terrorists Attacks in the spate of a few hours

and do we sit back in the West and let others

do the job that is not being done

whether we like it or not ALL WARS


no one wants to see Dead bodies of Children or adults

but it happens, World War I, World War II, Korea

Vietnam, Northern Ireland, England, the Falklands

the Gulf War, Afghanistan and now Iraq and Syria


2 thoughts on ““Terrorists Attack Again”

  1. The inaction of western countries has me thinking about a famous quote: “I believe it is peace for our time. My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honor.” It had taken Churchill to see the enemy and confront him. We need that same type of leader today.

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    1. Well said Rob, I think there is that strong Leader, I won’t expect you to give an answer, but to me I think President Elect Trump is the answer. It will be interesting to see if Angela Merkel replies to this terrible event in Berlin, she has had a hand in causing it by allowing the flood of people, amongst whom were Terrorists I have no doubt. This is just the start Rob, very dangerous for all of us, and the World needs a strong American President and they now have him.

      To change the subject, I will try and phone the Framer tomorrow and have a word, I want to do justice to you, and Meg’s wonderful drawing. I will do my best to please you. I think I am a bit tipsy, my youngest Son’s Birthday 33 yrs can’t believe it, never wants a gift or card or anything – so I did a small buffet just for the three of us, well four including Daisy and we had a bottle of Champagne, goes to my head, helps with the pain though. So apologies for waffling on.


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