“Angela Merkel, You Caused The Deaths”

Angela Merkel declares

“Terrorists will not destroy our Freedom”

someone should tell her

that is what they are doing

Germany like the UK

is a Christian Country

not a secular Country

as many would have it

will remain Christian

Angela Merkel should be told

“its too late”

she opened the floodgates and in they poured

how many Terrorists?

“come, all welcome” she declared

one stupid bloody woman

who has caused this and all the other

situations that have arisen in Germany

attacks on women

from where these immigrant men/boys come from

women are covered from head to toe

they never see the woman’s flesh on show

they go to Germany and other Countries

see Women, girls their bodies not covered

from head to toe

and these individuals think they have the right

to Rape, Sexually and physically assault


Terrorists in Berlin Yesterday

12 people DEAD

countless seriously injured

Angela Merkel must also

take the blame

apologiese, mind you thats too late

she should resign

she has done enough damage to Germany

and the rest of us


8 thoughts on ““Angela Merkel, You Caused The Deaths”

  1. Another bi-product of the globalist movement. Open borders attracts the good and bad in men. The west is being exploited for its generosity, and sadly, we’ve become a fertile ground for actions like the murders in Berlin.

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  2. 16 hours I have pondered on what you said hear. Do really be Angela Merkel is responsible? What about the Russians, and the Syrian government, their 100% responsible. Why did the Syrian people revolt against their own government, peacefully (by their standards) in the first instance.? We all think we know the answers but do we? What I can say is had Russia joined the west in support of the people and not a corrupt government, then the chances are that a war, as is, would ever of started. I am sure your aware that had the USA, and the coalition forces, including the UK, continued in their endeavours then we would be 3 years into WWlll. Now for the record I don’t condone any of it, but if one is going to apportion blame for what’s happening now then it should be placed on the people who really are responsible, as I have already named. As for the refugees what would you have done with them. I don’t know the exact numbers but thousand’s have died already fleeing for their lives. I am aware that the ISIS have exploited this situation, to think they wouldn’t would be naïve to say the least. However the ISIS were a problem long before the Syria situation, and you cant tar the refugees with that brush. After all said and done were that close to a world war what would we do then, there would be no rubber dinghies for us to cross the Atlantic, and who’s to say Trump would take us in anyway. I fear for life too, the whole human race for if war doesn’t get us then unless something is done about pollution then nature will.
    With much respect and best Xmas wishes – Mick

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    1. I am rather surprised at your response. First of all let me answer whether I really believe Angela Merkel is to blame – simply Yes I do most certainly as do many Germans and others. How can she not be. She starts off strong regarding German Borders then it takes one “publicity stunt” to make her cry and she feels she has to buckle in and she did and uttered those famous words, is she responsible, definitely. Ask all the people who have lost loved ones in that atrocity in Berlin, to see the blood running on the streets, this happened as she was making a speech, those words shr uttered must be ringing in her ears.

      I have never said I know the answers to this problem, I would not be so arrogant to say. The Politicians don’t have the answers. We would indeed be foolish to believe this is not a Holy War, these people are at war with the West. Could you tell me Mick when you last saw an Iman publicly criticising these Terrorists, I have not seen any – why aren’t they. Syria is relatively a Christian Country, as the UK is Christian we are not secular as I was bullied elsewhere to accept, I didn’t and I won’t this is a Christian Country and will remain .

      When did you see any coverage from the BBC or others of the slaughter of the Christians in Syria, the rape of the women of all ages and the destruction of their Churches, have you seen any because I have not, plenty of coverage of a 6 year old and her twitter feed, Journalists can’t get their reports out but this kid can reach the entire World. Something very strange going on and the fools believe it. Russia may be winning the armed battle but they are not savvy enough to win the PR War. That being that the BBC and others are falling for. As for Refugees and all those so called “celebrities” ie creeps demanding we give them a home, did they take any into their homes, of course not, did you. Wars create casualties even babies and dead babies sell newspapers, terrible thing to say but thats how it is seen.

      I have just been watching the news and listening to many European Politicians talking about Berlin and the slaughter, they all said the same thing “its down to Merkel’s policies”. What about the Russian Ambassador, that is being forgotten by BBC/Sky/CNN etc he was Russian so that does not matter? Have you actually seen the filming of that shooting, I have, that filth who was not acting alone shot the poor man 7/9 times, but so what he was Russian, and this thing was shouting “For Aleppo”. More attacks on Russian Diplomats has been called for.

      Obama, when could you tell me that he was a friend to the UK he was not, he was the most ineffectual President I ever remember, to me no loss. I like Trump, give the man a chance but the trouble is there is too much hated for him, there is no thought for those people that clinton referred to as “the Deplorables” the workers, the real Americans. I have spoken to many Trump supporters in America hardworking decent people not “deplorables” that coming from a woman with blood on her hands in more ways than one.

      No offence taken Mick and none meant. We can rest assured Michael Sheen the Welsh so called actor, he is “on the case” he stated, God help us all. Take care. Merry Christmas to you. Anna

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      1. Sorry Anna, the first line was to much, you miss the point ISIS, Russia, and Syria are responsible. All Merkel has done is try to help, the ISIS were committing atrocities. {terrorists of that ilk before), long before Berlin. To cast aspersions on the whole Islamic culture is wrong. As for those of that faith who don’t openly condemn the atrocities do not do so for fear of their lives. I think the bottom line is the whole situation is a catch 22 scenario, as is, no winners. As for God he gave up millennia ago. Merry Xmas to you and your kin too.

        PS Lets us drop this subject, for it is only doing what the ISIS want and that is causing bad feelings, and inciting others to follow, please.

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    2. What was wrong with the first line Mick, “it was too much” what you would prefer I lie. No, I don’t lie Mick I can’t. I made a point of watching every news channel last night, if I am wrong in blaming Merkel than the Germans interviewed, experts in terrorism interviewed all said she was to blame. They are wrong too? I would not like to have to face a victim’s family from that slaughter, would you. Did I cast aspersions on the whole Islamic Nation? What are you really accusing me of. I sent someone I know a copy of what I wrote and your response, you don’t want to know their answer. My answer is I was appalled that you said that. Also rather naive to state that those Iman who do not condemn what is going on, radicalisation do so in fear of their lives, what rubbish. I am not causing trouble neither am I inciting others to follow, that hurt. I really do not understand and how you could say what you have. Sorry Mick “I call a spade a spade” perhaps my honesty’s too much thats why I get hurt and bullied by others, but that is how I am I will never betray anyone if they hurt me I will say to their faces what I think. I am sorry in the short time we have known each other and hopefully enjoyed each others blogs you did not think better of me, I find that sad. Its obvious you did not want me to respond to your answer and that was unfair, using another reason to stop me. We are all entitled to our view, you have yours, and I have mine and will express my view and stand up for what I believe.


      1. Yep, do the media ever convey the truth. Anna I don’t know where your coming from, lying, what’s that all about. If there are any liars its the politicians, and as I said above the media. I am not bullying you, never said your not entitled to your opinion. However I think it is all being manipulated by Russia, the Syrian government, and the ISIS. All three parties are guilty of crimes of war and more. All I am trying to put across is that the likes of Merkel and others, looked at the refugee situation from a humanitarian point of view. I’ll put another way; had these refugees not been able to flee, then the chances are they would all of been killed as is happening to those who were unable to get away now and in the recent past, by the Russians and the Syrian gov. Both parties are guilty of murdering unarmed civilians. Even those evacuees that have got out of specific areas fear for their lives. Non of what is going on is right, especially blaming those who are trying help. Russia is not helping, and they probably have an ulterior motive as well. As for the Russian politician that was shot, surely a causality of war, (no I don’t condone it), but lets not forget what the Russians are doing, and as the very old saying goes, “Nothing is fair in love or war”. Okay as far as I am concerned enough said, for as is we are both entitled to our opinion, but after all said and done what are they worth, absolutely nowt. The only thing we have gained out of all this is that we have learnt that we have totally different views on a subject that as yet we have no personal involvement in, fingers crossed. What I am trying to say is I value our virtual friendship more than falling out over something we can do absolutely nothing about. Hoping you feel the same way – Mick


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