“Naked Before Me”

You stand there naked

waiting for me

I don’t feel like dressing you

I have to kneel to see to you

it all takes time

must I really see to you now

perhaps in the next hour or so

getting everything out

putting it all on you

I am not as tall as last year

I cannot reach your top

I saw to the other one on Sunday

or was it Saturday

I can’t remember

but here you are in my Hall

naked before me

no wait right at the top

is one drunk looking

Teddy Bear


rather like me

dressed like Father Christmas

Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree

I will dress you

One Tree next year please

not two


6 thoughts on ““Naked Before Me”

    1. No Rob, this is the second one, looking at it right now its spreading out I think its going to creep into the kitchen soon “my Paradise”, its far too big. May have to move it from near the stairs where it is to the middle of the hall, I will take a picture, when its all dressed, too tall for me. The Bear on top completely drunk he is now fallen over hanging onto a branch and I cannot reach this thing. Said to the Boys, next year, one tree only.

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