“Poetry Afternoon”

James Kavanaugh



Man does not want freedom,

He only talks of it,

Satisfied to choose his slavery

And to pay it homage.

Freedom ask too much:

Silence and strength,

The death of empty alliances,

An end to ego baths.


Freedom confronts loneliness

And lives with it,

Makes more of larks than lust,

Builds no monuments to itself.

Freedom, content to live without goals,

Satisfied that living is enough,

Scoffs at titles, laughs at greed,

Too free to propose reforms.


Man does not want freedom,

He fears its demands,

And only needs to talk of it –

The Free Man has no such need.

But man can live without freedom,

Content to laugh at slavery

And to know today

That yesterday’s pain is gone.


From James Kavanaugh’s “There Are Men Too Gentle To Live among Wolves”


Rod McKuen


We come into the World alone,

we go away the same.

We’re meant to spend

the interlude

between in closeness

or so we tell ourselves,

But its a long way from morning to the evening.





Hope you enjoyed them, as much as I enjoyed typing them.

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