“Dinner “Ten Minutes” or Another Hour”

Get the Wine out

a glass or two or?

at least by the time I get to bed

between 5am and 6am

after a couple of glasses of wine

the pain is easier

there is always the dinner to prepare

“whats for dinner” I hear

“Lamb Shanks and new potatoes”

“lovely” comes back from one

and “oh no” from another

maybe a bit of luck

we may have it by 11pm

I say “ready in ten minutes”

45 minutes later

“is it ready yet”

well nearly I say to myself

while blasting out is my music

Frank Sinatra


Rod McKuen

maybe even Nat King Cole

tells you something about what I like

can’t help it if I’m old  fashioned

or romantic its me

I don’t have a Husband or Lover

to worry about or they me

just two grown Sons

and one “baby” my Cross Lurcher/Alsatian

her name “Daisy”

the house is mad

it has to be

I’m in it

my Husband used to say to people

“life is never boring with Anna”

sure, thats why he was out nearly all the time

thats why he would ignore me!!




Yes its Frank again, sorry I like him very much.  No Beatles on my site or Stones and lots more, but Freddie Mercury yes you will hear him here.

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