So the Tunisian who murdered all the innocent people, all Twelve of them and seriously injured countless others in Berlin the other day, had been arrested THREE TIMES and let go despite the Authorities had fears he was planning to carry out a Terror Threat.  He had received weapons training, was a supporter of ISIS and they let him go.

The German authorities saw this and did nothing and who is to blame.  Excuse me I was always led to believe whoever is in charge accepts responsibility, or I am too eluded these days no one wants to accept responsibility.

Chancellor Merkel is in charge, well she is isn’t she or is she just a figurehead.  Merkel must take responsibility for these mistakes, just as Angela Merkel is to blame for allowing in to Germany people like this Tunisian who did not have the correct papers, who had links to ISIS to Terror groups.

The German people looked to her for the safety of themselves for their Country.  On the Trains of Berlin I heard today there are no Security Guards.  This is not the first attack in Germany and unfortunately, will not be the last.  Countless officials I heard today saying that “Germany is a Christian Country and will remain so”.  Why are we Christians having to defend our Faith having to insist our Countries remain Christian.  If you want to be a Muslim, fine then go and be one but don’t interfere in my belief as a Christian or those of all the others who are Christian, you don’t see us planting bombs in your Mosques, you have forgotten conveniently how the Christian Churches in Syria were blown up and  how many? Christians tortured and murdered.

As for the UK how quickly some people have forgotten a British Soldier off duty, leaving his Barracks in London being ramned by a car, being dragged and beaten and his head nearly severed – how easily people have forgotten, this was not Syria, Berlin, Brussels, France this was ENGLAND and those that did it were muslim supporters of ISIS, Radicalised here in their Mosque, or will that be denied.

There are decent Muslims, there are Parents who are terrified of their Sons and Daughters being Radicalised, deny it if you like the UK have quite a number of Terrorists abroad, one of them used to cut the heads of those they captured including Americans and British – forgotten, well I have not.

If you think I am annoyed, I fucking am, I am sick of the do gooders who “don’t do this don’t do that Peace and all that shit” it doesn’t work.  Throwing the word RACIST at people like me because we stand up to be counted because we won’t hide we tell the truth you can call us/me a liar, whatever you want.  I talked to quite a lot of Turkish, Iraqi, Tunisian etc and ask them the same question are they ever abused here in England where they live and work, and I am told the same thing “everyone is polite and very nice and I love living here” yet I have been told that all the immigrants receive is abuse, violence – well all I can say is if you witness that where you live it must be a crappy place.

President Elect Donald Trump voted in by all the extremely hardworking, clean living, decent Americans called “THE DEPLORABLES” not my word but as you know that liar’s Clinton, sorry I use it a lot because I have never been so disgusted and Politicians as we all know are liars etc but I don’t think I have ever heard any Politician in my Country, the UK or  America refer to their own decent people as “DEPLORABLES” I was and am still outraged at that.  Clinton is still arguing as to why she lost, nothing to do with the Russians dear, blame the Russians whatever you do the Russians are to blame for everything, no Mrs Clinton you lost because you referred to your own people as “DEPLORABLES”.  Trump is being accused of wanting to start World War III, ARE YOU SURE?   I thought the Terrorists were ISIS and that it is they who are at War with us in the West.

I cannot see President Trump acting like Angela Merkel defending her stance just as people were being slaughtered on the Streets of Berlin.  I like the Germans very much and feel so sorry for them not only for all the terrorists attacks they have suffered but because people still blame them for the War.  Germany did not start World War II, the Nazis started the War, there were enough German decent Germans who tried to stop Hitler who called to the UK and later the Allies for help and were let down.  The German people are decent people, did they not suffer enough over  Munich and what happens then, and who were the Terrorists then, forgotten?

This Murderer on the run is a Tunisian, maybe he has run home to plan another attack on the Beaches of Tunisia, Britons butchered on the Beaches, how easily some forget.  The next Target, well it has to be doesn’t it the UK – Christmas perhaps and that missing young RAF personnel, why the Blackout in the Press, why no Questions asked in the House of Commons, why no Police searching and all the time his Mother fights to find her Son, she wants him home she wants the truth, we all want the truth.  Why is the truth being held back for fear of a backlash, for fear of upsetting certain people within the Country.  Must not say too much you get screamed at “RACIST”, is this England I live in.

The German people want this Terrorist and the others caught, they want answers, I suspect most of all they want rid of the woman whose own policies let these Terrorists in “Come on, all come in” she said.  Whilst the Women out with friends, walking home after an evening out, whilst the German Women are Raped and sexually assaulted and what is done NOTHING.

People are conveniently forgetting an Ambassador was butchered by a Terrorist  ISIS sympathizer, who refused to show his permit but was let in to go on and murder the Russian Ambassador  why is it being played down because he was Russian.  The Biased BBC/SKY/CNN/FOX  and the newspapers.  I looked at his Murder live on TV the Ambassador was shot 7/9 times, had he been American/French/British/German etc it would be continual news, no the poor man was Russian, will Putin retaliate – too true he will.

I suspect everything going wrong in the World,  its the Russians, it must be all the Russians fault, when all else fails blame the Russians – I know who I am more scared of, after all America and the UK armed those bastards who are now Terrorists and butchering people, rivers of blood these people want and thanks to the Leaders we all have, excuse me useless Obama is on his way out, good – the Terrorists will keep going and Merkel can keep making excuses.

I make no apology.


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