Went to the Hairdressers today, took up the best part of the day.  Anyhow I have this wonderful young Lady that does my hair, she is so caring, takes her time and makes me feel so good.  The result she makes my hair look wonderful.

One problem though, whilst she was cutting my hair the thought suddenly struck me “my card” to pay for my hair.  I always pay via my debit card and I came out in an awful panic, last minute rush everything seemed to go wrong.

I don’t keep my card in my wallet, it goes in the safe.  I don’t go out very often having severe curvature and Osteoarthritis does not help.  I shop with “Ocado” for my weekly shop and if I need anything else, my eldest Son picks it up for me.  Hence I don’t need the card.

I was so totally embarrassed, I told my hairdresser and felt  terrible, I said I had cash on me but not sure if enough, if that was the case when I got home could I phone the details of the card in for the balance, she said that would be fine.  But my embarrassment continued, I could not believe I had been so stupid to leave it behind.

As it turned out I had £100 in cash on me, plus I had put a tip  aside and enough for a taxi home, thank goodness the cost of my hair was covered by the cash.  From now on when I write the new appointment in my Diary alongside I am also writing “Remember the Card”.





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