“As I Leave”

As I sit here watching you

for the last time

the glow from the fire

shows you there in your bed

you lay there sound asleep

as I listen to your soft breathing

you lay on your stomach

your right hand

tucked under your pillow

your left hand dangling

over the bed covers

your hair tussled

I sit here watching you

we had made love

then you fell asleep on my chest

my arms holding you

like a child, you always need to be held

I know that soon I will have to leave you

walk down your spanish steps

for that last time

did you think I did not know

did you believe I  accepted your lies

I have known you loved him

much more than me

you know the love I have for you

to be used is so hurtful

so I leave for the last time

as I softly kiss your forehead

and I walk away

to let you continue sleep



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