“Early Christmas Gift – Ear Infection”

“Calm down, calm down” my eldest Son says on the phone ringing home to see if the Turkey he collected that was ordered was ok.  “YES” I shouted, “don’t shout” says Jonathan.  “Well I can’t hear” I shouted back.  Just my luck, seems every Christmas there is always something wrong, I am more or less deaf on my left side thanks to a violent attack on me many years ago now.  Woke up this morning, throbbing down the right hand side by my ear, the ear all swollen and can I hear “NO”.  Jonathan went to Boots Pharmacy and asked for the product to help, he knows which one he worked for years for Boots Pharmacy, and as a two year old with his Fisher Price Doctor set – our poor Rhodesian Ridgeback Tara at the time, always bandaged and plastered, Jonathan wanted to be a Doctor, its in my Father’s family – Doctors/Nurses/Chemists you name it and it was in Jonathan.  Until his Father became ill and he saw what the Doctors at Colchester Hospital did and how we were lied to all along, right up until four days before David died then they told me.  Anyway that put Jonathan completely off.  Yet I turn to him for everything when I have a problem (when do I never) and he always advises me even when I have asked him to attend Doctor’s appointments with me, they discuss me with Jonathan and have even said to him “do you agree”.  I am very fortunate I have two wonderful, caring, loving Sons – we all love our Children no matter what age.  Make sure you tell them how you love them.

Back to my ear, I have an infection just my luck – cleaned the Bird table and washed the ground around it, I know I got splashed so it could be that.   So for Christmas Dinner I will be saying “HAVE YOU GOT ENOUGH TURKEY” to which no doubt I will hear maybe, “Mother calm down, I know you can’t hear but we can”.   Good luck to you all, enjoy your meal and tell those you love “I Love You”.


3 thoughts on ““Early Christmas Gift – Ear Infection”

    1. I’ll keep putting these drops in, Jonathan picked them up and came home quickly from work to drop them off, so fingers crossed. Just had a lovely email from Meg, what a lovely Lady. You have a good Christmas too Rob and enjoy your glass of Wine by your lovely fire. Take care of yourself.

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      1. Good to hear that you have the proper medication, Anna. Yes, Meg is a sweetheart. She’s as proud as I am about the portrait being displayed on your wall. ❤


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