“If You ThinK I Am Annoyed, Well Yes I Am” Profanity Used – Caution.

Thank you Milan for capturing the Terrorist who killed all those innocent people in Berlin.  Even though capturing the Terrorist ended in a shoot out and he died – just too bad – your bravery and in particular the bravery of the young Policeman shot but thankfully God still alive.  A very courageous young man.

The Milan Police did the job that should have been done in Berlin, all this due to Angela Merkel and her policies.  She should hang her head in shame.  Hopefully next year she will not be reelected.  The Berliners did not deserve this. Germany does not deserve it.  None of the Countries attacked by Terrorists, lives lost deserved what happened to them and its time we all stood up to be counted.  Never mind the Politicians they are in it for the money and the power.

We here in the UK had a Prime Minister, some years ago, Tony “Blood on my hands” Blair who dragged us without permission into a War because he was a puppy dog to the then President Bush.  They started a bloody War of which we are now repeating the effects, the start of ISIS.  The Terrorists live amongst us and we should all be made aware of it, we should all be more observant.  In my Country I want to know, I want answers WHAT the Imams in their Mosques DO NOT come out of their Mosques and condemn the Terrorists, condemn the Radicalisation of the young men in  some, not all, but definitely there are Mosques where this goes on.  I do not, most definitely do not accept these Imams are scared for their lives.  Speak the truth, who is going to harm you, if you are innocent you have nothing to fear.

The UK needs to wake up, we are Far Too Soft, we let too many get away with too much.  We are not taking in just immigrants but Migrants who are not in fear for their life.  We need to control our own Borders, we need to Close our Borders if necessary and we need to Close the Borders immediately, if it is know that Terrorists are getting through.  If I am wrong in what I say than thousands and thousand and thousands are, maybe even millions.  Here in the UK one speaks their mind and you find you are called a Racist, a Far Left, or a Far Right, or a Nazi – they can never make their minds up, these people that call you names.   Well do I care, no not any more.  I will stand up for what I believe.  I am told this is a secular Country, the BBC, Sky and the other crap channels like them tell me I live in a secular Country – get your facts right I live in a Christian Country, the UK is a Christian Country not secular.   Its such a shame whenever everyone it seems is condemning God, what a shame they don’t condemn themselves for doing so.

We have seen many major events throughout the World this year.  Here in the UK, late Autumn we had a Vote to Stay or Leave Europe, no one believed this Country would leave the EU.  I voted to LEAVE I want this Country to once again make her own Laws, control and close our Borders, it seemed at the last half hour of the night of the vote the Campaign to Leave the EU won, we were euphoric here in my house.  Next day I watched my Country it seemed being taken over by thugs, bullies spoilt brats kicking their feet complaining “I want another Vote, not accepting the result”.  Unbelievable, it was a democratic vote, the Leave Campaign won but the spoilt brats no they would not have it, cut a long story short I have watched these selfish thugs bully their way into trying to overturn the result of that election.  I have watched  my Country England become bitter argumentative,  “Racist, Far Right, Far Left, Nazis” being thrown at us.  I am not Far Right, or Far Left, a Nazi and definitely not a racist, I come from an Irish Catholic background and I know very well the abuse that had been thrown at my Parents when they came to this Country, I know the fact being brought up in an Irish Catholic area one was looked down upon.  I witnessed my Mother come home from work every night crying because she was called an IRA sympathiser, as she was Irish. When the IRA had exploded bombs and we had years in the UK  when the IRA bombed.  This is not going to be popular with some of the British who may read this, I did not think so at the time but after I realized how fortunate we were to have had Margaret Thatcher as our Prime Minister, she stood firm even when they tried to Assassinate her she stood firm.  No I did not vote for her.

England once a Country to admire, right!  I grew up in the 1950s and yes it was then a Country to be admired.  We had stood alone in 1939 when Hitler and the Nazis declared War against us, not the Germans, the Nazis.  I was not born until May 1949 so obviously the War was well over by then.  My late Husband who was 30 years older had been in the RAF and in the Burma Campaign.  When the Americans, our Friends came in  and all the other Countries that took part as well they all fought together, all Brothers so to speak, horrendous loss of lives, but the people fought and died to gain Peace in the World to fight for their Country.  I don’t accept fighting for King or Queen, I would love to see the end of the ridiculous Royalty.  These people, as these Men and Women who join up and fight in the Wars fight for their Country, fight for their homes, fight for their loved ones, fight for US.

What do Governments do when the Men and Women return home, leave the Military – well here in England they forget them.  They do nothing for them, if the Charities set up for these people weren’t there, well you can guess.  Famous Birdcage Walk near Buckingham Palace, you will find Homeless Soldiers living there on the streets, desperate, they come back their minds affected by all they have seen all they have been through and do Governments the Royals care, they don’t give a sod.  Kensington Gardens, homeless Soldiers have been kicked out of there, but the Police let the immigrants sleep there, hang their washing out, yes you read right, their washing.  This is England, is it?

I went to the hairdressers yesterday, and had a Taxi there, I talked as I always do to the drivers, I found myself talking to a former Soldier who had served 22 years in the British Army, served his Country risked his life.  He is a young man, must have been very young when he went in, told me how its in his family – his Father, his Grandfather.  We talked and I learned a lot and he told me how people tell him how Brave he was, “I am not brave” he said – I told him how much I respected him and all the others and that there is not enough respect for them and that he nodded and said “you are right, there is not” it saddened me and annoyed me.  Why the hell are we not paying the debt that is owed to these men and women.  He said “I know the veterans in American say they are forgotten, but believe me compared to us here when we come back, the Americans get so much”.  I know the Veterans in America are badly treated, Vietnam I remember.

This ex Soldier told me something that really hit home “one day 8 of us went out, I lost 6 best mates, two of us came back”, I found it hard to hold back the tears, this is the reality.  Its true as he said to me “they come back with mental health problems, they need help” YES they need help they need all the help we can give them but no what does this Government and any Government and the bloody, God preserve us, from the bloody do gooders and the sodding political correct brigade, what’s their concern – foreigners coming across Borders, coming into this Country given homes, given money given this given that and OUR SOLDIERS THOSE BRAVE MEN  AND WOMEN WHO GO AND FIGHT WARS BLOODY POLITICIANS START AND THESE MEN AND WOMEN DIE AND IF THEY DO COME HOME  —  WELL THEY CAN GET A WARM WELCOME FROM THEIR COUNTRY FROM THEIR GOVERNMENT.  THEY ARE FORGOTTEN.  EVEN SOME PEOPLE CANNOT STAND FOR A TWO MINUTES SILENCE FOR THEM ON NOVEMBER 11.

If I appear annoyed, yes I am very much so.  These Men and Women MUST be remembered, must be helped.  They must come first when the homes, jobs, help support is being handed out not the immigrants, this Country must stand up and take care of their own.  The Charities that help these guys deserve so much credit not for them God knows what would happen.  Birdcage Walk with battle scarred Soldiers sleeping rough  –  Welcome to london, welcome to the United Kingdom.

As you enjoy your Turkey and all the trimmings, as you sit round the table with your loved ones and laugh be grateful for what you have and please, please during the Christmas Holidays please spare a moment just to remember these brave lads and girls who go to fight Wars they do not want we do not want but Politicians seem to want the Terrorists they help to create.   When everyone is remembering from time to time the immigrants, how can one avoid it on the news.  Please spare a thought for the YEMEN, heard of it – where Children are being slaughtered much more than in Syria – where the UK and America are keeping their mouths shut because we Armed the Terrorists.  Where the Saudis back the Terrorists and Isis.  Please remember the Yemen it is a much more serious crisis than the constant Syria we are bombarded with.


Peace to you all, May  Your God Go With You.


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