“My Little Friend”

My little Friend

he used to be in my kitchen

but several people were offended by him

so sadly he was sent to the Cloakroom

even then he offended

so when these people would visit

I would hide my little Friend

behind the Plants

and take him out when they were gone

but now he is on show

in more ways than one

still in my cloakroom

but since acquiring a perfect drawing

done by a very talented Lady

of a very nice Friend

a very good looking Friend

I am bringing my “little Friend”

out of the Cloakroom

and he is going in my hall

will he offend?

Don’t care

Don’t look

if they find it offensive

my little Friend is funny

and is more significant now

that before




Hope you like this little chap.  Also included my two Christmas Trees, one in the Sitting Room, the other in the Hall – you might just be able to see all my dog’s toys scattered, she loves to rip things up.  Thought the two Guinness chaps might raise a laugh, bought it many years ago in Killarney on holiday.  Would like a guinness now, if I had one.








Thought this was suitable.


7 thoughts on ““My Little Friend”

  1. I find the little bear to be quite mischievous and not offensive at all. I may borrow his fashion sense for next year’s Halloween costume. 😉 You have a beautiful home, Anna! I think that Meg’s artwork will be honored to be there.

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    1. Its 23.13 and I am just about to go upstairs to my bedroom to do more work and I read this from you and you have put a big smile on my face and a laugh as well, thats good. I can’t wait to see you in a black leather coat like that, “hurry up Halloween”, do you think Meg would do a sketch of you, now remember that Rob. Thank you for your compliment Rob, it is a big house and takes a lot of work, you are very kind. You enjoy yourself over Christmas, and a hug to your doggie from me please.

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