“Poetry Afternoon”

Rod McKuen – the gentle man who only knew how to work hard and received too much criticism in his life.  Jealousy when it raises its head is an ugly thing.


“Unless you call attention

to your presence

who will know you’re there?


Even a Country

has to weave and wave a flag

as proof of its existence”


How the above is so needed these days.


“Be gentle with me, new love.

Treat me tenderly.

I need the gentle touch,

the soft voice,

the candlelight after nine.


There’s been so many who didn’t understand

so give me all the love I see in your timid eyes

but give it gently”

From “Listen to the Warm”



James Kavanaugh


“If you can’t love with your body, who can trust the heart that hangs like

a motel door screaming to a houseboy: “Do not disturb”.


“What is life if not laughter and love, caring and compassion,

fresh bread and crisp radishes?”






Christmas Gift to  Pamela with love, from Anna xxxx   – “we just love him don’t we”.







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