“George Michael – Gone Too Soon”

George Michael, unbelievable sad news last night, I actually had to say to my Son “are you sure” I could not believe it.   Aged 53, absolutely no age these days, and of Heart Failure, ironically I have that condition so it hit home with me.  Very, very sad and a great loss not just as a Singer but as a really nice amusing chap.


George Michael will be missed terribly of course by his Family and then Friends, but also by all of those who loved his music and liked the Man too.  Somehow it will not be the same without him.  I liked him because he did not give a damn what the “pompous” section thought, he spoke his mind he was honest.  When the British Judicial system imprisoned him it was just so ridiculous.  It was so funny when in London he crashed into the windows of a “snappy snap Shop” of course he should not have been on drugs but he was,   even funnier when someone scrawled “WHAM” on the boarding put up.


Now George Michael is no more, but we have his music to remember him, that is his Legacy, he lives on in that.  The video below, if anyone was to sing a tribute to Freddie Mercury it was George Michael’s, he sounded like Freddie but as he said himself “there was only one Freddie”.


Rest In Peace George Michael’s and thank you for all the joy you gave.







10 thoughts on ““George Michael – Gone Too Soon”

    1. Heavens, and I thought I was the one that did not keep up. George Michael, World famous – the only one who could take over from Freddie Mercury but he refused and he was right, there could only ever be one Freddie. George Michael, I liked his honesty his humour yes I know he was heavily into drugs and his lifestyle was “different” but that was him, he was a nice bloke – how English does that sound?

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