“Sorry, But I Am Back”

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas Day and Boxing Day, the latter is I think only a day of Celebration in the UK, wait to be corrected.  St Stephens Day in Ireland I believe, St Nicholas Day is continued perhaps from elsewhere – whatever Day you celebrated I hope your had a good time and perhaps still continue to do so.

Shortly we shall be celebrating a New Year, to be honest I dislike New Years Eve I am glad when midnight comes and goes, I still stay up for it though.  I know a lot of people try to avoid it and make sure they are tucked up safely in bed – preferably with someone they love that they can hold each other, cuddle each other.  I know I do, my Teddy Bear, there you go.

Lets hope we all have a healthy year, everything works out for us in work, relationships, life.  Lets hope we see more Peace in the World, those Politicians all over the World who like to arrange people’s lives, stop what they do.  The Terrorists, what can I say they have no causes that justify the butchering of innocent people all over the World.

May we all find Peace for our Families our Loved ones, in the wide World we so desperately need Peace.  No discussions that “go on and on” the so called “armchair philosophers who think they have the answers to everything”, all the arguments achieve nothing.   Friendships upset, lost due to World Political arguments, not worth it.

May we all keep those Friendships, old and new, treasure those Friends.  I know as I get older those Friendships I have made are so precious to me, I must protect those Friendships keep them safe.  As a Loner all my life as someone who loves Solitude, to find I have made a “good Friend” means so much to me, I feel special that, that particular person has chosen me to be their Friend.  I will not let you down your friendship means far too much.

May our Families remain happy and healthy, and if they are unwell may we find the strength to not only help them but find the courage to cope with whatever may lay ahead.  This afternoon my youngest Son asked me “how long would you have been Married today”, I was Widowed 1994, and the answer “41 years December 27, 1975”.  A lifetime ago many good things have happened, many terrible hard things to cope with, but my Sons have given me the strength to cope – we have survived

To those that have lost Loved ones, I know the pain you cannot fully describe.  You act brave, underneath you are breaking up.  Its easy to say to someone “I know what it is like I understand” with all respect unless you have been through that pain You Do Not Understand.  I never say I “understand” unless I have suffered a loss like that person has, I have lost my Father, my Husband, a Baby albeit early stages, but I do understand the loss of a Father and Husband.  So to you that have lost that Loved one you are not alone we are here, to comfort as best we can, to understand that loss, to be just there when no words can help, we are here.

So to you and yours, I know its a bit premature, but after having a few days off from the Internet, “I am back”,  is that you saying “no not her”, sorry but its true.  I sincerely wish you everything you wish for yourselves.

May you be Happy, find Joy and Peace and whatever your beliefs if you have any  –  as a lovely man I much admired used to say “May Your God Go With You”.




A song of memories for me, lovely sweet memories – what fools we are!!  Enjoy, this is one beautiful not often heard, sung by Frank.  ALL THE BEST FOR 2017.


10 thoughts on ““Sorry, But I Am Back”

  1. It’s always wonderful to see a new “Anna” post! Your thoughts for the upcoming year are heartfelt and I relate to them. I wish the world to be a friendlier place in 2017 and that would solve so many of our ills. Welcome back, Anna!

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    1. Yes if I got into bed I would be better off, I don’t know why I do what I do Cheryl, I suppose I am crazy who knows, as for Daisy she wouldn’t get disturbed she is always on David’s bed. Thinking about this sleeping bit, I think it started with my late husband when he used to be out at night and I never knew what time he would get back, I couldn’t sleep – maybe that’s why?


  2. You have nothing to be sorry for, (in context), its me that is remiss for not keeping up with you. Problem at the moment, (no doubt you have noticed), I have an addiction for the Japanese poetry styles, its a massive learning curve, its even managed to keep me away from what was another addiction, my wildlife photography. You take care now and stay with it…..☺

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