“As He Turned In The Field”

Just imagine

being on the back

of this White Horse

slowly galloping

across the open fields

the Sun beats down

not overbearing heat

comfortable enough to ride

to where does he take me

what will I see


We gallop along and there

as the Horse turns

ahead my eyes sparkle along with the sight

the Pacific Ocean the blue, blue Ocean

I pull him up, let him rest for a while

his eyes so clear, I hug him close

there I lay on the grass

He stands by my side

He does not wander far

I lay there and I think of the past

love that once there

like the Sea rolled away

never to return

just me and the Horse

lifelong Pals we be



So back on my Horse

lets ride to the Sea

the golden beaches

deserted and ours to enjoy

we ride through the surf

He’s happy as me

there in the distance

not someone on our beach

is that as man on that black Horse

do I talk or ignore

I am distant you see


“Hello I thought I was alone

here on this beach”

the fair haired man said with a smile

“obviously not, it seems”

I replied was I rude, it sounded so

he looked somewhat surprised

and shy at my response

“I’m sorry that was rude of me, like you

I thought we were alone on the beach”

I managed to say


The Horses made friends

better than my response to him

he dismounted and walked to me

nervously he extended his hand

“I am Richard Taylor and I happen to live over there”

pointing to a house above the dunes

“I had not noticed it, sorry is this a private beach, by the way

my name is Martha Saunders”

“no its not private, may I help you down” he asked

as he helped me down we stood there

our eyes fixated

“my horse turned and led me here”

I heard myself mutter

“I am so pleased it did” he replied


As I gallop through

the waves of the Pacific Ocean

my Horse,  just us alone

there above the Dunes

our house

there he stands

my fair haired man waving

and calling me home

how many years have past

I don’t want to know

we are happy

we are in love


As we lay on the sand

and the horses play

in each other’s arms

watching the sun slowly fall

that day so long ago

when my horse turned

and there was the Pacific ocean

did he know

did he?





Just Love Horses, do you?    When my eldest Son was small he wanted a Horse, he had a Rocking Horse  but a real Horse, no that we could not do.  So that Christmas his Daddy and myself bought Jonathan the biggest Toy Horse we could find in Harrods, I think the box it came in had more fuss made.

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