“Do You Know What You Want” – Warning, Explicit for New Year.

His body warm

as I cuddled next to him

“stop your hands are so cold”

he said as he kissed my mouth

“I know I’m cold, do you want to sleep” I ask

“no, but you are still cold” he said

as he turned and took my breasts

and held them tight

his warm mouth over my breast

his tongue circling round and round

my nipple making me want to squeel

while his other hand held my other breast

and my nipple tight

rubbing it, as I pulled from him

“what’s wrong, tell me” he pleaded

“I am tired maybe I need sleep” as I turned away

I felt his eyes on me as his mouth uttered the words

“fine, thats fine, if you want to sleep, goodnight”

I felt he was rejecting me, I turned so quick

ran my hand down his back

all the way down his naked back

over his firm bum soft skin like a baby

it felt so good, it needed kissing and I did

” why have you turned your back on me” I asked

he quickly turned back “because you wanted to sleep” he said

as I took his hand and placed it between my thighs

“I dont understand you, do I make love with you

do you sleep, do you know what you want” puzzled he asked

yet his fingers inserted feeling twisting make me throb

“you are warm” he said ” and silky smooth for me”

as I took his penis in my hand and circled the tip

“I want you inside me” I asked

“do you, are you sure” as his fingers searched

he asked “are you going to change your mind”

as I quickly turned and was on top of him

my breasts aching for his mouth

as one after the other he took them in his mouth

his hand rubbing me underneath I took his penis

“now , now” I shouted at him

as he thrust it inside, back and forth it went on and on

did I scream, I look at him

he pulled my neck towards him kissed me hard

it was so good did it have to end

I laid by his side my right leg across him

as his fingers were inside me exciting me making me hot

now and then his mouth on my breast softly nibbling my nipples

his eyes beginning to close

“I’m sorry darling I’m really tired I am falling asleep here” he said

as I played with his balls, a smile at the side of his mouth

he opened his eyes looking at me with a half smile

“I’ll never understand you, will I, you want me you don’t, you do, you know it makes me want you more, its a game with you” he said

as I slid down the bed my tongue running over his body

until I held his penis in my hand

slowly, slowly stretching it

my mouth over his penis

my tongue softly circling his tip

I could hear I could see how it pleased him

“come here” he said

he pulled me down from the pillows

moved my thighs apart

the sensation the feel of his tongue

up and down the inside of my thighs

until it found its destination, round and round

as he circled inside me over and over

“yes, yes” I screamed

reaching for him, he was so firm and  now inside me

pushing, pushing my body twisting

he had woken up

and I didn’t change my mind






Not quite intended for the above.    Just two of the Best Frank and Ella, I grew up hearing about these people and desperate to hear them later.  Enjoy, I know I am.




3 thoughts on ““Do You Know What You Want” – Warning, Explicit for New Year.

    1. I read this just before 6am and couldn’t stop laughing, I had tears running down my cheeks. I hope no one came along and sat alongside you Rob. When I was in the Prudential, I remember standing by this lovely chap called Charlie Burch I was not quite 20 and he suddenly said to me ” would you mind going away Anna”, I apologised to him for doing his work wrong, “no, no Anna you have typed it right, its just that right now you are being a naughty girl for what you have done to me”, I had no idea what he was talking about until all the Men on the department started laughing – then my face was really RED. I am so pleased you enjoyed it, maybe another one soon?

      Liked by 1 person

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