“It All Started In A Barn One Winter’s Night”

They trudged through the snow

seeing the shelter in the distance

there they knew they would be safe

side by side

looking at each other

trying to reassure each other

all would be well

He looked at Her

and nodded his head

here was the shelter

she sighed

she knew now they would be safe

this was home their home

for the winter the long winter


It may look all broken

and indeed it was in disrepair

but parts were covered

and dry there was plenty room

and straw so much straw

no one came up here in the winter

they could stay here until early Spring

then make their way back home

back home to the lush green fields

but for now they would be safe

and their Foal could be born safely

The two Horses had come a long way

and she was tired and needed to rest

and he would look after her

as the snow and wind blew outside

and the snow became deeper and deeper

the dark sky and all the Stars

the Stars that shone so bright

“and there look”, he said

“remember the brightest Star is for you”

there it was the brightest Star

they were together safe in their Barn

Two Horses and an expected foal


Just like all those times ago

when that Special Child was Born

Born to sacrifice his Life for Us

and all Man can do is fight and kill

argue and create Wars, senseless Wars

where hundreds, thousands and millions die

Animals destroyed, and for what


The Land    The Sea    The Sky

is all we have

Man has destroyed so much

what is there to pass on

The Land  –  The Sea  –  The Sky

what is left we Must Protect

Too soon it will be too late

Pray, ask or whatever you do, in this forthcoming New Year 2017,  call for PEACE and help Protect All Animals, Wild, Domestic they all need help from the constant violence and fear


lets remember THE LAND    THE SEA    THE SKY






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