“Merkel, Obama And All The Other Politicians Who Have Had Their Comeuppance”

When will  these Politicians learn that the general public can see right through them, did not “Brexit” teach them a lesson, did not Donald Trump soon to be the President of the United States not teach them a lesson.  The Public have had enough, they voted and for once their voices were heard.

Angela Merkel is due to speak to her People, albeit already recorded, today in Germany.  She declares that “Terrorism is the biggest threat to Germany”, no kidding.  How has this woman got the gall to make such a statement when just months ago she let Millions of immigrants “flood” into Germany “all come” she called and they did and more and now the Countries of Europe have a dreadful situation to cope with, not only that but she also let in Terrorists.  It cannot be proved, nor can it be denied.  Mrs Merkel you are long overdue to go but, unfortunately, once you go we are still left with the bloody mess you helped create.


Now we have Obama, so desperate to have some good legacy to go out on – really?  So what does he do in the last few days he expels so many Russian Diplomats.  He cannot prove, like that “deplorable” woman Hillary Clinton that Putin ordered that Hillary Clinton’s campaign be hacked, that Putin helped Donald Trump.

Lets be honest Donald Trump needed no help from Putin, Donald Trump had the decent hardworking people of America, he had no “Deplorables” help him he had decent Americans fed up with the crap they have had to tolerate for the last Eight Years of Obama.

Obama makes himself look a fool in expelling all the Diplomats, expecting of course Putin would retaliate, and what did Putin do.  Well Putin played it right he did absolutely NOTHING.  Good for him.  He has made Obama look what he is.

I wish America and its people Good Luck for 2017, hopefully those opposed to President Donald Trump come January will realize it is best to all work together to make America strong again.


As for the Politicians, well they will do what they always do  –  line their own pockets and care for no one except themselves.  Whilst Terrorism please God (or your God) will decrease.  Lets hope the Politicians will listen about the Environment before too late.


Be good to each other, protect and love those closest to you, keep safe and stand up for your rights  –  keep the voices loud because here in the UK and America they were finally heard, and those that continue to argue about votes they lost  –  well get over it stop being bullies, stop throwing your toys out of the Pram and work to make your Country a better Country.


Take care everyone and May Your God Go With You.

7 thoughts on ““Merkel, Obama And All The Other Politicians Who Have Had Their Comeuppance”

  1. I don’t know about other countries, but Obama is leaving office with one of the highest approval ratings in our history. That says a lot, Anne. Trump, on the other hand, is using the US as a marketing tool. (And there is a law against that in the presidency, though his supporters are looking the other way.) Of course he’s going to court Putin because the jerk wants to build hotels in Russia…


      1. What side Obama’s? The man who forgot his own, the Blacks the poor Blacks. Yes he made the rich Blacks even richer. Is that why the Blacks in the inner Cities hate Obama so much, is that why they did not vote for him. Highest approval ratings. Cheryl, we have all that crap, everyone knows figures are fixed. Obama did nothing to speak of in 8 years, now he is desperate to go out on a high. So what does he do he expels so many Russian Diplomats, in the knowledge that Putin will expel even more American Diplomats or even imprison them. Problem is Obama and his gang think Putin is a fool, as do many here in the UK, Putin is not a fool, Putin maybe a dangerous man I am not saying he is not, but don’t think Putin is a fool. He sat back, did not expel ONE Diplomat and made Obama look what he is a bloody fool.

        Now in saying all this, I am not a Communist, nor am I an admirer or supporter of Putin. I am not a massive Trump fan as you think I may be. I am delighted that someone and it could have been someone else had they the guts to continue and not pull out and support the crook Clinton. Someone came along and LISTENED to the ordinary working people of America, those people that felt no one was listening, I know thats not you but there are people in your Country who have not been listened to. Trump came along and listened and those people voted, and those that had not made up their minds, sure did when that crook Clinton uttered those words about those very people she should have been courting, the working class people she called them “DEPLORABLES”. You don’t have to like Trump but you sure as hell don’t vote for a woman who calls her own working class people “Deplorables”.

        I voted Labour all my life until that bastard Tony “Blood on my hands” Blair came along and destroyed the Labour Party. I voted Tory, does not make me a Tory I voted for the MP of this Town who was doing a good job, who represented us well in the House of Commons. I have kept with that MP despite the fact he switched Party. Ask yourself why did millions of Democrats vote for someone who was not a career Politician. You won’t thats your perogative, but the soon to be President once Inaugurated should be given a chance, its the Country you should think of first not the constant squabbling and “we were cheated out of it” syndrome, just like here with us, no longer in Europe yet the thugs the bullies continue, and we ask for Peace in other Countries?

        No offence intended, politics best avoided. You have your views you are entitled to, I have mine.

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      2. We are never going to see eye-to-eye on these political issues, my friend. Since neither of us knows what it’s like to live in the other’s country, I suggest we draw up a truce about politics because neither of us have the understanding to debate it logically. What say ye, Princess Anna? 😉


      3. I am not going to argue over Politics with your Cheryl, but you do have to understand that here in the UK and Europe, at least the major players in Europe, we have a vested interest in America and its President. I know the UK is not important to the US, but it really does matter that we are Friends with the US its President, and Obama made it clear he did not want that.

        I would add that rather inappropriate for Obama to let out Terrorists from Guantanamo. Why is there no coverage on the fact that one of the biggest Car Manufacturers in the World, Fords is returning its Factory back to the US from Mexico. This is not politics this is news.


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