“New Years Eve Party, Meeting Angelique” – Explicit.

Brad didn’t really want to go to the New Years party in the Street, he had a lot of work on so much in fact it was beginning to worry him he wouldn’t be able to complete it in time.  Besides he didn’t feel like a party especially since breaking up with Martha after six years.

Six long years together, he still could not understand why Martha would not marry him she always said “not yet”, and here she was about to marry that other guy.  Brad couldn’t even bring himself to say his name, his best Friend what else, “the treacherous bastard thats what he was” said Brad to himself.

Then it takes two to tango and Martha was quick enough sleeping with Him behind his back, he had begged her to go to Paris with him a weeks long business trip she could have shopped he had even suggested they marry there but no, she was too busy at work she couldn’t spare the time.

All the time she was sleeping with “him”, the bitch, they deserve each other, yet it still hurt Brad so much he found it difficult to get over her despite the deceit, so as for New Year’s party, no he really didn’t want it.

Susie down the street had been on at him to go despite saying “no” she was pestering him and he found himself yesterday when she called around, yet again, saying “yes”, he thought at the last moment he wouldn’t turn up no one would miss him.

Brad was busy working, coffee after coffee never mind food, just coffee will do.  Then the doorbell went, “what the hell now”he said to himself.  As Brad opened the door “its only me Brad” said Susie bouncing in through the front door, arms around Brad kiss on his lips “busy darling” she said, “as it just so happens I am susie I really haven’t time for a talk” said Brad.  Sitting herself down in his kitchen “come on darling surely you can spare a coffee for me little susie” she said, as she leaned forward with her breasts showing so much and her nipples pressed against her jumper, Brad tried to look away but it wasn’t easy with susie she was more or less in your face, and she never seemed to wear a bra when she called said Brad to himself.   As Brad poured her a coffee she put her hand over his crotch “and how has this poor little chap been ” she said, Brad moved back “susie I wish you wouldn’t do that and he’s fine now can you stop and for a start sit up I know what you are up too” said Brad.

Susie laughed her loud laugh jumped up threw her arms around him so he could feel her breasts pressed up against him taking his right hand “now darling wouldn’t you just like a little” she said as she rubbed his hand over her bosom.  “Thats it susie now tell me what you really want and then sorry you have to go, enough of this” he said, she laughed as she flicked her hair back “ok so you don’t want to fuck me, well not yet, there is always New Year’s Eve Brad and thats why I’m here to make sure you come” she said, “susie I really don’t think I will make it, now you have to go” Brad was being quite firm for him he had enough, “ok, ok I’m off I’ll  see myself out, and you are coming to the Party if I have to come here and drag you there” she said as she squeezed his crotch “now that’s better” she said laughing slamming the door on the way out.

Brad shook his head, “what is it with these mad bitches, they want you, they don’t want you this one she’s sex mad” he said as he continued his work, first pouring himself another coffee.  Brad never heard anymore from Susie that he was grateful for, Bill and Madge next door saw him and said “you are coming to the party New Year’s Eve aren’t you, “no I don’t think I will be able to make it, I have a lot of work on, beside after Martha I really don’t want to” he said, “come on Brad, Martha is gone she’s going to marry him, there is nothing you can do,you have to think about yourself now, you thought about her far too much” said Madge “thats right” said Bill “c’mon we can have a drink or two together, it will be fun do try Brad” said Bill shaking Brad’s hand “ok I will try and do my best I promise” said Brad.

Brad was very fond of Madge and Bill they had been very kind to him when Martha left and he knew they were right about her and his moving on, but his heart told him something else and that something else was he still loved Martha.  Even in the house the pictures he had smashed of her he had them reframed, just a couple, one of her not long after they met and one taken by his mother of Martha and himself in his parents gardens, they looked so happy then, before that Bastard had to ruin everything he said.


“That damn Party”

New Year’s Eve arrived and Brad had decided he was not going to the damn party, he took the phone off the hook pulled all the blinds, poured himself a wine lit the fire and settled down to listen to his music.  If anyone knocked on the door too bad.  He was nearly through a bottle of Wine and the doorbell rang and rang and it was obvious they would not go away, “that damn susie I am not in the mood for her”, as Brad opened the door “susie will you stop” he said suddenly hearing “hold on Brad, its me James” and true it was James across the street “sorry James” said Brad, “its ok Brad I gather susie has been pestering you, thrusting her bobbies at you, she’s good at that, she does it to me, so far I have resisted” laughed James, “so have I” said Brad with “come on in”, “no I’m here to take you to the party, you can’t stay here all on your own, come on have some fun, forget Martha, sorry but the bitch is not worth it, come have some fun” pleaded James.

“Ok I’ll go reluctantly  but  not for long though” said Brad as he made sure the fire was safe turned the music off dimmed a few lights grabbed a jacket “is this alright or are they all dressed up for the party” asked Brad, “well more or less the Ladies are but you know us guys anything comfortable respectable and that will do” laughed James, as Brad locked up his house he headed down the street with James to Curtis and Margaret’s House, “damn it I don’t have a gift for them” said Brad, “hold on Brad I won’t be a minute” as James disappeared across the street to his own house, he shortly appeared with a large Orchid in a clear glass bowl with a ribbon tied around it, “here give this to them, they will like it, you know them and their gardens” said James.

Brad laughed “but its yours” he said, “no its ok my aunt gave it to me for Christmas I can’t keep plants it will be dead by next week,  its fine, fuck take the gift card off” he said, Brad pulled it off and read “to dear little Jamie, love and kisses auntie Jill” he laughed, “now don’t you repeat that little jamie bit right” said James, and they both laughed.

Open house at Margaret’s and Curtis home, their lovely home but it was just the neighbours anyone else would soon be turned away, as James and Brad entered the house, Margaret saw Brad “oh Brad Darling, I am so delighted you came” kiss kiss on his cheeks, “for you and Curtis, Margaret Happy New Year when it comes” said Brad, “darling you are just so sweet now who told you we love Orchids, and such a beautiful one this is, oh darling how kind of you” kiss kiss again on his cheeks, “Curtis, Curtis, over here” said Margaret “ok honey on my way” said Curtis as he approached them “Brad, Brad how pleased I am to see you, welcome, have fun so very pleased you came, how are you old boy” said Curtis before Brad could answer Margaret said “now enough of that Curtis darling, Brad is here to enjoy himself, look at this wonderful Orchid he has given us” she said “now that is magnificent, very kind of you old boy, really kind” said Curtis, as Brad nodded caught James look who was trying not to laugh.

“Now you two boys go and have fun, see in the New Year, drinks over there and even food if you want it” she said, “make sure you have some food you two” said Curtis.  “come on Brad, lets get a drink and see whats on offer, not susie god forbid susie” said James.  Brad laughed and was beginning to feel relaxed, James gave him a whiskey and found himself being called for, leaving Brad on his own.

Brad was looking around and there, there by the fireplace she stood, was she a vision thought Brad.  This girl on her own or appeared to be she seemed to be holding back from all the others, do I go over he asked himself, surely a girl like that can’t be alone.  He stood where he was for some time just staring at her, she was beautiful, innocent looking, child like, shy.

“I see you have spotted my niece” said Margaret Brad just looked at Margaret “she is lovely isn’t she, and she is believe me, she is a very shy girl, we have told her to mix but she seems content where she is, she didn’t want to come to the party but Uncle Curtis managed to persuade her” said Margaret, “she is your niece Margaret,” asked Brad, “well no actually she is Curtis niece, his Brother, very sad she was only six when Curtis Brother and his wife were killed in a plane crash, they were on their way home from a business trip, wanted to get home to their little girl quickly and the plane was the quickest, private plane, so sad” said Margaret.  “What is her name” asked Brad, “oh sorry darling didn’t I say its Angelique, her mother was French you see, she so looks like her mother, her aunt Jane, Curtis sister and her husband brought her up as their own.  She is a very shy girl, very sweet quiet, do you know I think you would get along with her Brad, come let me introduce you” said Margaret.  Brad couldn’t utter a word he was in shock.

“Angelique darling, I would like you to meet a neighbour of ours, this is Brad, Brad this is my niece Angelique, now excuse me I must mingle” said Margaret disappearing into the throng of people.  Extending his right hand Brad said “hello Angelique, I know this sounds corny but such a beautiful name” he said, “very quietly she said “thank you, my mother was French you see” she said.  “Yes I understand from your aunt , I am so sorry you lost your parents at such an early age” said Brad, she looked so sad “yes, I was only six, but I do remember mama and daddy well, daddy’s sister and her husband adopted me, but then I suspect Aunt Margaret told you that, she tells everyone, in a nice way” and she half smiled as she said so.

“Could I get you a drink” Brad asked  “yes a glass of white wine please” she spoke so softly, “I won’t be a moment” said Brad, as he headed off to the Bar, he could see her from the bar she just stood there as though she was trying to hide she was like a statue like one of those alabaster statues you see in the museums , a beautiful girl just like a statue, all alone you want to touch but must not.  “Good luck there” Brad heard as he turned it was James “she’s far too quiet, too shy and a virgin, undoubtedly a virgin I would say” said James, “and you would know can’t you recognise a nice girl when you see one”, “wow you have fallen for her, quick worker Brad, good luck” said James as he walked away.

Brad walked back to Angelique “here you are, good luck” said Brad nervously he felt himself tongue tied, was he, he got like that with new people, “thank you, was that Aunt Margaret’s neighbour James I saw you talking to” she asked, “yes do you know him” said Brad.  “No, aunt Margaret told me about him earlier and warned me to stay clear” said Angelique, “your aunt is right, she didn’t warn you about me then” asked Brad, “no, she told me she hoped that Bradley down the street would attend he was as she put it very decent, are you” she asked “am I what, decent, I would like to think so Angelique” answered Brad nervously.

They sipped their wine and Brad couldn’t take his eyes off her it was as though she was drawing him in, her beauty she was serene, suddenly “oh I see you are doing well darling” as he felt a hand on his bum, he turned “susie, its you, could you stop.  Excuse me Angelique this is susie she lives in the street, susie this is Angelique, Margaret and Curtis niece” said Brad, “yes so I understand” she said staring the girl up and down examining her dress her hair her pearl necklace, certainly not susie’s type thats for sure.  As Angelique put her hand out to shake susie’s, susie turned “by darlings have fun, if you can”.  Angelique looked stunned and visibly upset.

“I’m so sorry Angelique take no  notice, she’s a first class bitch, just ignore her” said Brad, ” I will” she said, “would you like to get some air away from here” asked Brad, “yes please” she said, as she turned opened one of the French doors behind her, “we can go out this way” she said.


The Trees, “Make Love to me now”

They stepped outside, and down the steps to the garden, just walked around until they came to the Trees, “do you like Trees Brad” she asked, “yes I do, I don’t like people who cut them down” he said, “nor do I” she replied, she took his hand, Brad took her glass and along with his placed by them a tree, as she led him deeper amongst the Trees.

They stood there looking into each others eyes, “what’s happening to me” he asked himself, as he found himself bending taking Angelique’s face in his hands and gently kissed her once twice three times as she put her arms around his neck and he kissed her passionately.

“Don’t you want to touch me” she asked of him, “yes I do desperately” said Brad, as Angelique took his hand and placed it on her breast, Brad squeezed her breast then the other kissing her on the neck down to her breasts, as Angelique removed his right hand and guided it up under her dress, he felt her thighs they were warm, he wanted to go further but “was it right” he asked when she turned his hand to inside her thighs up to her crotch, he rubbed her and she led his hand to inside her panties, “was this real, this beautiful girl innocent she wasn’t going to scream was she he asked of himself, as she kissed him  as she pulled her panties down “please I want you to please” as she placed his hand under her and sighed as he rubbed her and found his fingers easily slipping into her, she signed even more as his fingers moved around slowly pleasing her she was so warm so silky smooth ready waiting, “no I can’t” he said to himself as he withdrew his fingers.

“Why have you stopped don’t you want me, I want you” she said as she undone his zip then his belt and trousers slipping her hand inside feeling his penis, “don’t you want to make love to me, I want you in me I need you” she pleaded.  She turned “please unzip my dress, if you want to” she asked, “Angelique I want to I am fighting hard to resist, are you sure you want this”, Brad asked of this girl she turned her head “unzip me”, he did and the dress  fell onto the grass she was naked and she turned to face him, “do you like what you see don’t you want to make love” as she pulled his trousers down, his pants and pulled his jacket off pulling his sweater up over his head,  “now hold me tight please” she pleaded, Brad did just that, after kicking his trousers away, her naked body pressed up against his, “why don’t I take her” he asked himself.  She slipped to the ground taking his penis in her hands her tongue gently and oh so softly licking him up and down and around and around.  He never once asked her “are you really a Virgin?”.

He found himself on the ground her arms out to him as he moved her legs apart, he kissed her breasts her young breasts teasing her nipples as she turned her head and reached out to him, “I want to feel you in me” she said, he licked her thighs one after the other then inserted his tongue in her she was moving from side to side reaching for him, he held her hands back as his tongue circled and circled exciting her more and more, he wanted her he had to take her, as he thrust his penis into her she screamed as he pushed, “harder and harder” she called out.  Just then fireworks lit the sky and screams and shouting “Happy New Year” from the front of the house as the neighbours watched the fireworks.  As Brad pushed harder and harder Angelique dug her fingers deep into his back, at that moment he didn’t care.

They laid side by side, Brad playing with Angelique’s nipples, as she rubbed his chest “you know you were the first one, I am or I was a Virgin, you knew that before you took me didn’t you” she said, “yes I did, and I feel honoured you let me be the first” said Brad, Angelique sat up ” I saw you I wanted you, I want you now – you feel warm” she said “are you cold, you don’t feel cold its January 1st, Happy New Year darling Angelique” he said as he took her face and kissed her mouth, “do you want to get dressed have my jacket” Brad asked.

“No” Angelique said as she stroked his penis from side to side licking the sides and circling his tip first with her fingers then her tongue gently stretching him, “Angelique, Angelique” he said, as she sat on him, “am I heavy” she asked “no not at all” he said.  “You haven’t asked how I know so much being the Virgin I am, or rather was” she said smiling down at him as he rubbed her nipples, “I did wonder” he told her.  “You see Brad my adopted parents wanted the best for me and they sent me off to an all Girls Boarding School run by an Order of Nuns, Mummy being French was Catholic so they Baptised me Catholic, and my parents felt this was the best School”, she bent down kissed him and whispered “the Nuns tell you nothing except Sex is a mortal Sin, that made me curios, every chance I got to go into Town on my own, I would head to the Library and read up on Sex and how it works, what you are supposed to do”, as she nibbled his ear lobe “you read well” said Brad, “thank you” she whispered in his ear”, “I am very impressed” said Brad, “and pleased , do I please you Brad, as she licked inside his ear, “you please me alright, I have never had anyone like you ever” said Brad as he took her breast in his mouth, and squeezed her other nipple making her laugh.

Angelique played with him until all over again he was inside her, she had tossed her head back and he thrust harder and harder playing with her bosoms biting her nipples softly “this girl this woman” he said to himself never ever had anyone like this, I can’t lose her whatever happens” he told himself.  She rocked faster and faster he thought it would never stop but no sooner had he thought the words and he was exhausted.   She climbed off him and licked all round him up from his balls his penis up to his stomach his chest his neck his mouth, she laid in his arms, her leg across him, as he held her bottom stroking it, he held her close. He grabbed for his jacket nearby and put it over her as she laid in his arms, she sighed, this alabaster girl his feelings all mixed up “can’t be in love with her can I, but I am I really have fallen for her” he told himself.  As she moved in his arms playing with the hair on his chest, her mouth laying kisses on his breasts.

“Soon it would be dawn” he said to himself “we have to move from here long before then” he said.  She slept, but soon he has to waken her, “Angelique, please wake” he said she stirred and  reached for him, he kissed her on her head “Angelique” he said, even the name oozed sex appeal, looking at her in his arms, this perfect body given to him, how could he let her go, “its nearly bright darling, we have to go, I have to go, your have to go inside” he said, she started to cry “don’t you want me don’t you, can’t I come and live with you, you can have me when where you want” she said, “Angelique” he exclaimed, “yes I would want you but what about your parents” he said, “I will tell them you can have me you do want me don’t you” she pleaded.

“Yes god I want you, come on get dressed and I will take you home”, he bent to kiss her but she took his hand and held it under her, “it yours no one else’s yours” as she moved his hand all around her and he could feel her warm and damp,  “as soon as we get home I’ll make love to you” he said “yes please darling, I want you in me can’t we now” she said “no, we have to go, soon so soon I promise” he said, “then taste me please” she asked. Brad bent down held her close his tongue feeling her tasting her, he could not get home quick enough, he hoped no one would see them he was hard, he picked her up her legs swung high behind him as he held her tight and again and again he thrust himself, it had never been like this before, Angelique laughed and kissed him.   He quickly dressed and helped her dress, she picked up her panties threw them up into the trees “why did you do that” he laughed “from now on I don’t ever need them again do I, I’ll always be ready for you Brad” said Angelique – was this real he thought, he looked around “this was real”, he had a girl who wanted him.

“Take my hand Angelique we are going home” he said, as she gripped his hand “and we make love” she asked him, “you will wear me out, but yes we will make  love and sleep and make love and sleep whatever you want” he said.  “Martha, Martha who, he asked himself, I have a special girl this girl Angelique” Brad told himself, “Happy New Year Darling” he told Angelique, “Happy New Year to us” she said, as Brad took her face kissed her hard, her hand went to his crotch “do you think you can wait until we get home” she told him.  He swung her up  into his arms, “I’ll carry you home quickly I only live down the street”, then kiss me” she said as she lifted her dress “kiss me taste me” she begged, how on earth can I resit her, how the hell can I ever say no to her he asked of himself, as he obliged Angelique, she laid back holding his neck as Brad tasted her, pulled her dress down and said “the rest will have to wait until we get in the house Angelique”, “I’ll keep you to that” she laughed, as Brad moved as quick as he could to get home, home with his alabaster beauty, and his promise he most definitely would keep.









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