“Nothing To Be Ashamed Of”

There are times in Life

when we feel we cannot cope

for whatever reason

we feel we do not have the strength

but suddenly you find

you are stronger than you ever imagined

when pressures arise

when you feel you are at the end

when you feel

its best to finish it all

you find that you have the strength

to keep going

I know I have been there

I have hit that “Black Wall”

many, many times

when Life for me

was far too painful

to keep going

“cutting” myself

I thought would help

but I found the strength

and I fought and fought

to survive

Its easier now

except I have to struggle

with physical pain

and thats a daily chore

but I won’t give in

you see

for all the people

over the years

who told me I was stronger

than I thought

to myself I admit

I have to be that way

because I am still here

You are never alone

it took me far too long

to reach for help

when I did

all the pain, the secrets

once told you know

you have turned that corner

so remember

there is always help

Unfortunately, there are still people who think the words “Mental Health” means “nutters” as they may say.  We all need help at certain stages throughout our life.  I have hit that “Black Wall” far too many times, when I finally reached for help, my Life began to change.   Please support your local Mental Health Charities, they need your help – we all need them. I am Donating £20.00 to my local “Mind” Charity. I also have donated goods to my local shop, whereby signing up to ‘Gift Aid’, every item donated and sold helps the charity obtain an EXTRA 25% from HMRC as I am a taxpayer. It doesn’t cost ANYTHING to sign up and donate!  Whatever you can afford please do help.

Dear  Mrs Cottage,

This is just to say thank you so much for your repeat donation of goods to our Mind shop in CLACTON.

Your support is greatly appreciated and helps Mind in many ways, from letting the Mind infoline take someone’s call who is in desperate need of support to helping us work with Government to promote mental health needs and improve mental health services.

On behalf of all those who need our help – a big thank you for your support.

We look forward to letting you know how much your donation has raised in the very near future.

Kind Regards

CLACTON Shop Manager

4 thoughts on ““Nothing To Be Ashamed Of”

    1. We all have problems, some can cope some can’t. Why in this day and age and a New Year is there still SHAME attached to someone who can’t face their problems or desperately need help. My Mother always told people “she (me that was) is a disgrace, nothing like that in my family”, that coming from my mother who used to whip me across my back and told me aged 30 she never wanted me, fuck it she needed help.

      All the very best to you Arn and Brandon for 2017, good health and lots of happiness.

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      1. I think there’s still shame because people are frightened of the fact that they, too, can’t face their own problems. Putting others down is an age-old way of building ourselves up. It’s the only way we have to shore up our poor self-esteem. BUT I DO think that stigma of mental illness is much, much less than it was even 30 years ago. Maybe that’s just because it’s fashionable to “come out of the closet and have your own shrink now”. But for whatever reasons, I think it is getting better. Honestly, don’t you?

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      2. Yes, we talk more about it but still not enough. There are still little Children who suffer because they have mental health issues, these Children are isolated – thats wrong. Who are we to judge someone, nobody’s perfect we all have faults. Yet people still judge. When I think back and all I went through in Marriage, Mother/sister – I had no where to turn to I had to try and cope as best I could so I “cut” I felt it helped and had it not been for The Samaritans I would not have stopped as I did. That Man that Woman on two separate phone calls were there for me they helped me, they made me see the truth. We all need help and unless we help those Organisations that help people like me, millions of others unless we help, that “ONE PHONE CALL” that makes all the difference, will not be possible.


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