“New Year – Things to Be Done”

No New Year Resolutions


Because I never remember them

and if I did I doubt I would

heed them all

so heres to a New Year

the second day in

and I will try and do

what I know is best for me

don’t put things off

do the jobs that have to be done

stop saying

“well I can do that tomorrow”

because for me that never happens

I will endeavour

to push and push myself

to make sure

my Dreams, well one of them

comes true

that I will find the strength

to stand on my own

to go away, a long way,

on my own

to prove I can do it.

Nervous, yes

of course I am

but if I don’t do it

don’t go all that way

on my own

I will spend the rest

of my time

regretting it.

So here is to

the New Year

and the things I have to do

must start tonight.







Lovely, lovely Andy Williams.  “Dreams” with hope at least this one comes true.


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