“The Little Boat”

The first week of the New Year

crisp and fresh outside

it looked and smelt

like early Spring

even the Birds

were chatting away

there all alone

on the edge of the Lake

was this old but much loved

little boat

used for fishing perhaps

who did it belong to

I could see no one around

would they mind

if I used it to row to the Island

there can you see the Island

perhaps just stop in the middle of the water

surrounded by this vast Lake

swish my hands back and forth

in the crystal clear water

lay back in this little boat

look to the blue sky

watch the Birds fly by

would the owner mind

I could think about all that happened

all that I had decided

just here in this boat alone

with my thoughts

free for once

like the Birds

so high in the Sky

all I have to do

is undo the ties

holding the little boat

then row out

and be free

there is no one to ask permission

let me






The Moscow Radio Orchestra.


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