“A Book or Two, Afternoon”

I have a lovely Old Book I purchased when my First Son was born, such a while back now.  You probably know of it.

It is called “The Oxford Nursery Rhyme Book” 800 Rhymes  –  600 Illustrations.  Assembled by Iona and Peter Opie.  It was a Ten Year Collection of Nursery rhymes and ditties.



Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater,

Had a wife and couldn’t keep her;

He put her in a pumpkin shell

And there he kept her very well.


Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater,

Had another, and didn’t love her;

Peter learned to read and spell,

And then he loved her very well.



St Dunstan, as the story goes,

Once pulled the devil by his nose,

With red hot tongs, which made him roar,

That could be heard ten miles or more.



I had a little husband,

No bigger than my thumb;

I put him in a pint pot

And there I bade him drum.

I gave him some garters

To garter up his hose,

And a little silk handkerchief

To wipe his pretty nose.



There was an old woman

Lived under a hill,

And if she’s not gone

She lives there still.



Just a few lines to brighten the afternoon, to make you smile, maybe even laugh.  The World is stressful enough, without people getting caught up in things we really can’t change.

We should look to our Families first, making sure they are loved and looked after.  Enjoying ones Friends, being kind.  Not getting worked up, caught up in things we can’t change, unless its a case of Voting on crucial matters we are asked to Vote on.  I have no time for people who go out on the streets and cause mayhem and refuse to accept results of democratic Votes as in my Country on the EU question.  People rioting in the United States because the majority of the people Voted in someone the others don’t like.

We should look to our Country Respect our Country, Defend it against those who try to destroy it, from inside and out,  and all its values

Leaders come and go, but our Country will always be there.   Stop the name calling, I refer specifically to the UK and people who Voted to Come Out of Europe, like myself, being called a “Racist”, you want to call me that go ahead and do it, you are the one who looks a fool not me. I have no time here in the UK for Politicians they are all in it for themselves.  I have no time for the Royal Family, time this feudal system was done away with, but thats my opinion.

Heavens sake, we all need Peace in this World.  The Terrorism needs to end, we should be doing all to stop that, not arguing between ourselves.

Hence my little funny section above, meant to brighten up perhaps ten minutes of your time, I hope so.  Take care.

Watch this space, if you can spare the time for more bits and pieces from my vast collection of Books.








Have a cup of Tea, or Coffee – sit back and relax.










5 thoughts on ““A Book or Two, Afternoon”

      1. You know I looked through probably a dozen anthologies at the bookstore Wednesday, and not one of them had a poem by Rod in them. But then I couldn’t find half the poets I really like. That totally puzzles me. I talked to the store clerk about it. Her guess was that their poetry wasn’t old enough yet. I don’t believe that though.

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