“”What Do You Not Understand”

Why is it

when the Banks get it wrong

they are never “wrong”


“You misunderstood what I said”

they claim

when you have the phone on loudspeaker

to make sure there were no “confusions”


They claim

“well its your fault”

when money is removed from your account

without your knowledge

let alone agreement

so you have to argue

and argue

and raise your voice

and call the little twerp

“you bloody moron”

when you can hear him

yawning on the other end

“am I bloody boring you”

I shouted at him

and he answers

with another yawn


Then they finally admit

“it is a case of fraud”

yes no doubt by them

the Bank

and you will have to wait

days and days no doubt

before your money is restored


You have spent the last

Four Hours on the phone

with the Bank

being told to ring

this number that number

“no I can’t put you through”

you end up talking to people

in Manilla

who ask three times your Surname

so you spell it for them, three times

and they still get it wrong

these people cannot speak English

so that it can be understood

I sure as hell do not speak

their language

You continually say

“what don’t you understand”


Finally the call is over


cup of Tea

and all you can do

is talk about it

until your head

feels as though

its going to explode







After all the stress caused this afternoon and a phone Bill I don’t want to think about until it arrives, I saw this and thought what great fun this was. albeit deaths.  See what you think.  The idea came from “The Darwin Awards”.







6 thoughts on ““”What Do You Not Understand”

    1. It is Leonard and it is not often one wins, but to be told I had given my details to someone who transferred money from my account to their Credit Card, was Fraud. I did not and had to fight and fight and end up with barely a voice until the Bank admitted they had deducted the money themselves.

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    1. No this is discovering a large amount of money had been removed from my account, and the Bank insisting I had given my details to someone who went into the Bank and transferred this money onto their Credit Card. I did not, the Bank called it Fraud. Yes, it turned out by the Bank itself.

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