Up And Now They Are Down”

It takes hours to put them up

and you sweat and you swear

well when you keep

dropping them you do

and now its taken me since 14.00hrs

to now 20.35 taking them down

and what is it that has me all in a

“lovely mood”

well those Christmas Trees of course


The rooms are full of Pine needles

despite the blessed hoover

the decorations all came off

and then those

“lovely, lovely lights”

that adorn our Christmas Trees

and despite we do our best

not to let them tangle

“they did, they really did”

and I found myself saying

“oh dear not again”

I hardly think so

the air was Blue


I have had one cup of Coffee

and one Gingernut Biscuit

honestly one coffee

I had no time to stop

all day

am I hungry

not really


On top of all that


online Supermarket

delivered goods

which takes ages to put away

I need a bath

and a sit down

which means

I will probably fall asleep


At last the Trees are down and all

decorations and Lights away

for another Year

and Yes

I did check all the lights

were in perfect working order

before I put them away

but next year

who knows………………….






Why this Song, well it just came to me and makes me feel happy, I remember it far too many years ago, loved it then and now.




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