“Utter Selfishness”

This may not be of interest to any Man, or maybe those that are House Proud may have an interest.

Here goes, I go to hoover my Dining Room, after all the Christmas festivities and then I thought I can clear the table from Christmas, we do tend to continue dining on our Christmas table up to the Decorations coming down.

Well button on start to hoover and push, push and its not picking anything up, so I look at the roller and low and behold there is cotton and heavens knows what twisted around the hoover roller.

Now let me explain, unfortunately, I am stuck with my spinster sister living in my House, luckily we, live in a large house and she has her own rooms.  She never, ever helps out with any work, that is until a few years ago when I was diagnosed with Heart Failure, my youngest Son asked his Aunt to help out by hoovering the hall once a day and the stairs once a week.  She stopped hoovering the stairs after a fortnight.

As for the hall, well I know it is wide and its long but it does not take 45 to 60 minutes to hoover.  This is what she is like, I have nothing to do with her, I do all I can to avoid her, but she is someone who was waited on hand and foot by my Mother near enough to the end of my Mother’s life.  Whilst when living at home it was always “Anna do this do that”, and the same applied when we came to this house, my mother also lived here  –  jolly jolly atmosphere, it was living hell.

Back to today, I know the big Christmas Tree is still up in the hall, I am taking all the decorations down today.  The Tree what with the central heating on all the time, I suffer with the cold because of the Heart Failure my blood is now so thin, pine needles are dropping all the time.  I cannot take the Tree out into the front Garden for a skip to take it away, as I have severe curvature of the spine/osteoarthritis and I could not manage it.

As I started to hoover as I said earlier the roller was blocked, I unblocked that and it still would not pick up.  I took the extension arm out and to the top it was blocked, with paper,pine needles all sorts of things, not just at the top of the arm but when I got a torch it was blocked all the way down.

I had to find long sticks to somehow get it all out, I shouted at”that thing” who sits on her backside all day watching tv, she shouted back at me.  I cannot find a word to describe her, lazy is not enough. She knew the hoover was not working properly and was too lazy to unblock it, why should she the “mug” me as I have been called by her, would do it, well I did, otherwise I could not use the hoover.   Her Personal hygiene is something she has never bothered with, necessitating air fresheners/windows open (no wonder I  am cold).

I have mentioned this disgusting situation over the years to her, to my mother whose response was always “leave poor ellen alone”.  My late Husband would ask me to talk to her about her hygiene.  She is now 72 and its getting worse.  In the past I have spoken to the Dr/Nurses and they tell me what the problem is.

I have my two Sons living in the house and its not nice for them.  As I said we are lucky to be able to avoid her.  It has taken me ages to fix the hoover and then sweep all the mess up by hand.  I get exhausted easily because of all the pain I am in.  Her selfishness is beyond all comprehension.  Maybe one day I will be free.

Now excuse me, while I go back to hovering.





Just the right music to make the hoovering go quickly.



3 thoughts on ““Utter Selfishness”

    1. Too true, I had a lovely glass of Port, that helped. Have not forgotten those pages, from those books we mentioned, and I promised to you, have to sort them out get them copied and off to you, be patient with me.

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