“Look, Speak Out Protect It All Now Before Too Late”

How lovely it was

to walk around

amongst the Trees

the Land

and see the Bears

Black and Brown

frollicking free

the Monkeys

swinging from the Trees

all the Animals

and Creatures free


To sail the Seas

the waters shining

crystal clear

the Seals

the Fish

and later on

as I sailed along

the Polar Bears happy

and free

plenty of fish

for them to eat

yes all the creatures

so happy and safe

Free From Man

Who Does Not Understand


Then I woke and knew

it was all lies

the Bears and Monkeys

hunted and killed

those that survive

made to perform

grotesquely dressed

why what mind

would want to see

creatures tortured

made to perform


Polar Bears how many left

do you know?

The Seas not crystal clear


and the Companies

that dump

their crap

Walk Free

the fish lay dead along the coasts

who cares do you?


If we sit back

and just accept it all

so soon the questions

will be asked

“What are Polar Bears, Seals

Brown and Black Bears

and all the other creatures” we did once know


Wake Up

Wake Up Now

while people watch their TVs

with reality crap

you don’t need a mind for

and all the other

crap put out

Stand Up Take Note

of whats going on

Speak Out

Sign Petitions

Donate even the smallest amounts

Save what we have its happening now

Look around and See




The Message needs to be heard, this is brilliant.  Please Help Wildlife.











2 thoughts on ““Look, Speak Out Protect It All Now Before Too Late”

  1. Hm… I’m a little confused. I’m thinking about your email this morning where you said we live in a “cesspool” and there’s nothing we can do about it but basically put up with it and try to survive (still mulling your email over). And yet it’s obvious how strongly you feel about the animals. I think I’m having a hard time understanding what the difference in the two situations is. (Not to start a long discourse here. I’ll answer your letter today when I get back from getting the car — hopefully!)


    1. There is no confusion. We live in a “human cesspool” perhaps because of our own making. We face Terrorists like we have not known before. We cannot compare Hitler to this present lot so don’t mention that please. We have the enemies within, we tolerate far too much for fear of offending a certain race, offending what while these terrorists plot to murder to butcher. See your own Florida Airport or is that another one put down to a lone gunman off his head, like so many incidents going on in Germany even here. The “human cesspool” how do we as an individual fight that.

      The Animals, Yes I prefer Animals to people they give their love 100% plus they never betray let one down, I can’t single handed stop cruelty to animals the torturing of animals. What I can do is speak out. Sign Petitions, Donate Money thats what I do.

      Don’t be confused between the two.


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