“Words, Words”

Words, words just words

people talk but what

do they really say

they say just words

with maybe little truth behind them

or if they speak the truth

others scoff


I write because

I love to

I write because

words mean so much to me

as a Child I was a Loner

don’t make the mistake

in thinking I was lonely

I was not

I was just a loner

I really wasn’t allowed Friends

so I never really knew

how to make Friends

to this day

I am still a Loner

here on the internet

I write, I’m talking

and I feel I have Friends


At an early age

a Teacher called

Miss Toome

introduced me to books

she would keep me back after the lesson

the last of the day

to help her put the books away

she would talk to me about the books

read passages to me

ask me what I thought it meant

hence I fell in love with books

Miss Toome, “wherever you may be,

I owe you so much”


Then some years later

I was encouraged to keep a Diary

and to write, write no matter what it was

I fell in love with a Poet

I fell in love with his work

he encouraged people to write

and its what I did

wherever I went

I would carry some paper and a pen

so if thoughts came to me mind I would write


I really cannot go a day

without writing

whether it be a Poem

a story I have made up

things about me (boring)

Politics (dreaded Politics)

I have to write

I still keep a daily Diary

I keep a journal as well

my journal has poems, notes

words by other people

that have such meaning for me


These days I can’t hold a pen for long

I have early Rheumatoid Arthritis

its easier for me to type

“thank you internet”

but I hope I will be able

to write my Diary and Journal

until the end


Words, words, words

so important written, typed or printed

words mean so much to me

a Fine Lady Teacher  gave me

my love of books

A Great but much forgotten Poet

gave me my love for writing

so I will keep going







6 thoughts on ““Words, Words”

  1. Words are my passion too, as you well, know. You Anna are the only one that I consistently communicated with on WP, I think I have already mention that I am now deep into the Japanese style’s at the moment, kind of taken over. Loving it, that’s the truth and, maybe a bit like you I depend on the internet for feed back. However I do think to myself that all I do now is based on my disillusionment with the old school, hard-core of naturalists who still live in the Victorian era. I hope I wont bore you but, I will mention one incident, which to my dismay and, others of the same ilk, is continuously replicated; I was, in the strictest sense a wildlife recorder, sending off records, specimens to various conservation, and wildlife recording organisations, both local, national and, occasionally international. What was happening was some records because they did not conform to those of known ones, (because we were not academically qualified in the various fields of natural history) were made to look like we were lying. Examples: Not recorded or, not known from given coordinates, or to early or, to late for known season/s for a particular species. Others, myself included, argued the point that it was being insinuated that we were falsifying records. You would not believe the technicalities involved in registering a record as a layman. An example of what I made reference to, (its not the whole story, by a long long way).
    Hope it works http://www.brc.ac.uk/irecord/record-details?occurrence_id=3320578

    Back to words, like you I am not going to stop until I stop living. I will go out with my camera as the days get longer and hopefully warmer, cant wait, but until then I have you and poetry to keep me busy. As always take care and if words are all you have keep writing, big HUG,


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    1. You know thats appalling that any of your work was called into question, how dare they suggest so. I have not heard that before, I feel so annoyed for you that your work was called into question. What an extremely clever man you are, and to have some jumped up little twerp to put it mildly say you were not telling the truth, I am furious. I couldn’t get the link to work, probably me I’m only basic on the internet, shall ask my Son to sort it out for me, although I’ll give it one more try perhaps.

      I hope you let those “things” have it verbally and rammed down their throats all you did and you demanded an apology. Who the hell did they think they were calling you a liar, or anyone in that field.

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      1. Myself and others of far more repute than myself have tried, sadly to no avail. There is a lot more to it Anna. Going to see if a I can post a page in/on my about page, I’ll get back to you.


  2. You know I think I told you I ordered two HUGE volumes of poetry? The first one “Poems to Read” came yesterday and sure enough, there was not ONE McKuen or Kavanaugh poem in there. The only thing I can figure is what they wrote was far more personal than was acceptable. And yet they were right in step with the confessional poets of their time. I still don’t understand…

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    1. I can’t say about Kavanaugh but with Rod he was accepted and applauded when his books first appeared and he sold small amounts, then he started to sell more and more until he broke all records. He still holds the record for the biggest selling Poet of all time. No one mentions all the Awards, the Nominations even for his music he was nominated for a Nobel Prize. All was ok with the critics until he started to make money and more money and then Jealousy appeared and then Anger and Hatred then all the vilification in the Press everywhere. So no it does not surprise me, I can#t think of the name of this Annual Book that is issued with all the names of the best selling Poets, they always refused to put Rod’s in, just so jealous and vicious. He never fought back.

      Like Walt Whitman who in his day was so vilified, he was far too honest, far too romantic and far too daring – different. Same undoubtedly applied to Rod he was totally honest, romantic and daring and people close their minds to the truth to beauty, did it happen to James Kavanaugh I don’t know. And yes, I will fight for Rod he was a sweet gentle Soul. The fans didn’t scream and shout like they did at the others gigs, we sat quiet and listened and absorbed all he had to say, respect. Sad that his Poems are not allowed.

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