What A Coincidence”

“Its called Whitman”

he said

and I smiled

and then I laughed

and turned to my eldest Son

and we both smiled

and then laughed

and I asked

“you mean its named after Walt Whitman”

“yes” he replied

“The Whitman, the Poet” I asked

“yes” he said still mystified

“well you see” I said

pointing to the photographs

“he was a famous Poet too

and Whitman was the first main influence on him”

and the Picture  Framer smiled and then laughed

“what a coincidence” he said

“more than that” I answered

“then this is the frame” he asked

“yes indeed it has to be”

I replied

“the Frame for all of these items please” I asked

and the Picture Framer smiled at me

Indeed what a coincidence I thought





For Pamela (and myself), remembering dear Rod.







5 thoughts on “What A Coincidence”

    1. It was all perfectly true. What book are you referring to and what photos. Do you means the Photographs I took to the Framer came from a book, no they did not. They were proper photographs belonging to Rod McKuen, his Family sold off Personal items belonging to him, I snapped up as many as I, well my youngest Son, could afford. I did not want them all being resold on EBay as so many so called fans have done. I have a large Black Box full of personal and I mean personal photographs of Rod’s, its so wrong what his family did. The Korean War one was of himself collecting his mail, and then I had his Discharge Papers – I wanted them framed. Then I had a set of 3 (should have been 4 but Rod kept the 4th to hang on his wall) photographs of Rod as the Cowboy he was in his younger days, the three photographs all slightly different, I am just fascinated by them. The last item was a thick black hard cardboard, very large of Rod on Stage holding a wooden stool upside down in one hand and the microphone in the other hand, I think its great. So I wanted them framed, and ironically its “Walt Whitmans” frames that he chose for me.

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      1. No thats fine Mick, sorry did I come across as rude to you in my reply it was not intentional. Just was not quite sure what you meant. I’ll take some pics when all the work is done, I’m quite excited about it. I also have a Certificate signed by Teddy Roosevelt, he wasn’t President then, my eldest Son said its important so I might see if it can have a better frame. I find it sad that his “family” sold so much off and dumped so many of his manuscripts that were so important to Rod, his lifetimes work, upsets me. Even photos of his Mother they sold, I can’t tell you how much I have. Anyway Mick, no offence taken, none intended.


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