Very Historic Day – President Donald John Trump. The 44th President.

Today, without doubt is a very Historic Day.  When President Elect Donald John Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of The United States.

I remember so many Inaugurations that I watched via the BBC here in England, the one that seems to stay in my mind was The Inauguration of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy  I was about 10 or 11 years of age and I recall it how exciting it all was and I think from there my fascination with American Politics began.

I recall the Top Hats of the Men at the Inauguration, how beautiful the First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy looked.  As young as I was you just knew it was all going to be an exciting, glamorous, enchanting Presidency.  None of us were to know that a few short years later, John F Kennedy would be Assassinated, and as they say “the innocence of America died with JFK”, somehow the World was not the same again.  That innocence was gone forever, we had all loved “Camelot” the Court of The Kennedy Family.  The real truth of them was hidden.  The one thing I can never forget about JFK Inauguration was the Snow, goodness how the Snow fell that day on Washington.

Now today there will be a New President, some love him, like him and there are those that despise him even hate him.  I don’t understand it when people say “I hate Him”  –  Hate, its terrible, it eats away at you, I know, I have a background of people hating, teaching hate and how it destroys.  My Father would say “don’t ever hate anyone, you do not hate them its very wrong” and he was so right.  My Mother it was always “hate this one, that one” and then smile at them and stab them in the back, my so called sister is exactly the same she endeavoured to “control me make me hate everyone except her, be her little pet”  –  it has caused me much pain and taken a lifetime for me to forget those ways I was expected to be. So I do not understand why someone can hate someone they do not know, you should not hate anyway as I said previously.

No one, perhaps even Donald Trump, expected that he would win through to be President Elect, but he did Win and now shortly He will become the 45th President of The United States, The Most Powerful Man in the World.  Fighting against him, protesting its all so stupid.  When there are Elections, maybe the person we chose did not Win, well thats how it happens.  We should support the Winner, say when its the Leader of the Country.  When you go out to protest, complain or whatever about your Leader you are letting down your Country.

Here in England, the whole of the UK, we had what was regarded in some sections as the most unpopular Prime Minister ever.  This Country’s First Female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.  I did not Vote for her, her Party – The Conservatives, I have always supported The labour Party.  I did not vote Labour under Tony Blair, I found him to be a dangerous leader, he took us to a War totally unnecessary, but when it came to defending this Country I would stand and defend my Country despite its Leader.

Looking back now Margaret Thatcher was a very Powerful Woman.  She stood up for this Country she loved, she fought against Europe when they thought they could walk all over us, the Common Market.  Thatcher defied the IRA, she stood up to them when they tried to, unsuccessfully as it turned out on that day in “The Grand Hotel” Brighton, Sussex, to assassinate her, who could possibly forget her words just after nearly being blown up.  She would be there to welcome Home the bodies of the Soldiers when they were Murdered by the IRA, in Northern Ireland, during those dreadful dark days she stood proud and made one feel proud, made the Country Proud.  Margaret Thatcher was much loved in America and she and the President Ronald Reagan achieved such remarkable things in those days.

America has been feeble for the last Eight Years, the President did not listen or the Democrats listen to those People those hard working Americans who were crying out to be heard.  A Man came along and listened and the People listened to him and Voted for him and today he becomes their President, the President of all the People of The United States, the President of The Free World.  The People should be UNITED behind Him.

The so called and I dislike this word, “celebrities” who have shouted to protest, and all the pathetic sheep that have followed, those with no brains of their own who have to agree with these so called celebrities, you are causing damage to your Country.

Shortly to be President, Donald John Trump will be the Leader of The Free World, and we shall look to him, we shall look at the United States and see that after those eight long years that dragged and dragged, the America within became a more dangerous decrepit in so many places, the inner Cities. The Towns with “Closed” Homes, no jobs, factories etc closed down.  No Hope.   The United States will become Strong, Powerful, GREAT once more.

It is an exciting Day, I wish I could be there to see it, to feel the atmosphere, its going to be a Great Presidency.  President Elect Trump when he becomes shortly The President will have to prove to the People, He Can Make America Great Again.  It is not just the United States watching for that, its the Rest of Us too.

Good Luck to all.



7 thoughts on “Very Historic Day – President Donald John Trump. The 44th President.

    1. I hope so too poppet, here in the UK I am absolutely delighted to see him yesterday Sworn in. At last the ordinary man got his chance – did you see the faces of Obama, Clinton, Bush and all the rest the so called Politicians. President Trump showed them all. The people spoke, Trump listened and the people made him President – perhaps Hillary Clinton can see all the people she called “Deplorables” are no longer “Deplorables”.

      Lovely talking to you Poppet, I trust we will again. Take care, Anna.

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    1. I have every confidence he will. I see this morning he is being criticised for saying “America First” American jobs for Americans etc – I find no problem with that, I think he will prove all those critics wrong I believe he will in time prove to be a great President. At last we here in the UK have a True Friend in President Trump, Obama always made it clear he was no Friend to the UK and it sickens me to see here on the internet people from the UK ridiculing the President. I don’t know your Politics Sir, and I would not be so rude to ask, I would just say that I have watched American Politics since the 1960s and the last 8 years have shown how Obama’s term destroyed America. The hardworking people not listened to, delighted to see how happy they were yesterday, I can’t wait to see America Great Again, Strong the good Values coming back, I am so excited about President Trump, what happens in America reflects on on us. Take care, all the best, Anna.

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      1. Anna, politics truly aggravates me, so all this childish behavior from Dens turns my stomach. I vote my conscious and the politicians have ruined this country – let’s give the businessmen a chance! So – we agree.

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  1. You know, Anna, when it turns out that Arn can’t retire because doing so would make us lose our insurance, I’ll be sure to expound on why we “hate” Donald Trump… And the rest of the people who think the dissenters are so awful will be singing the same song before long. Just wait.


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