When the door shut

and she was gone

the smell of her perfume remained

on the soft white  pillows

I will hug so close to me

as though its her body I hug

the sheets she laid on

with my hand I outline her body

her hips, her long legs, her arse

the breasts I held and stroked

the smell of her skin

from her hair to her toes

the warmth of inside thighs

the soft silky wet feel of her

waiting for me

her tongue that excited me

but through that door

she walked

and out of my life

she liked to read

I liked to dine out

she liked classical music

I liked Jazz

she was Class

I was not

but I loved her

and she loved me

then I acted like a fool

and cheated that night

and told her so

she cried so hard

I held her tight

we made Love

and I thought

she was alright

we were fine

but I got it wrong

she walked out

I hope not

for good



Sunday, need him.



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