No I Won’t Shut Up – I Live In A Free Country, The UK, That Believes In Free Speech

I watched the Inauguration of the  President of the United States, on Friday afternoon here in the UK as I have done every time, since the early 1960s, with the exception of one Inauguration.

I have ALWAYS stated it is not for me to discuss the internal workings or policies of any Country with the exception of my own, or their President or Leader but I believe I am entitled to my opinion when it comes to the effect the United States, President Donald Trump will have on my Country, the United Kingdom.

In the last few days it has been made to clear to me I should “keep quiet” to put it more politely with regard to Donald Trump becoming President of the United States and Leader of The Free World.  Well, let me  make it clear here and now I will not “shut up” or any other delightful language used, I am entitled to speak when it comes to my Country the UK.

The choice of President of the United States was up to the people of the United States and they chose, now it has not gone down well with some sections, look at the newspapers/tv and well one can see what President Trump is up against.  I would Never and DID NOT suggest to any American they should Vote this way or that way, I would object if they interfered in our Elections, and they have, but I would NEVER have the gall to say “don’t vote for him or her”.

I did voice my opinion when Hillary Clinton, referred to her OWN People as “DEPLORABLES”, in all my years of watching Politics here and the US I have never ever heard a Politician describe their OWN people in such a derogatory manner.  I was so, so shocked and disgusted, it was very big news here in the UK.

When people in this Country compare what happened in America to what happened here towards the end of last year, the question whether or not the UK Left the EU or Remained.  The People of the UK decided to Leave the EU and I was one of them, to some that makes me a Racist, well if thats what they want to call me, along with also being called a Fascist, and now also a Supporter of Marie Le Pen, goodness I am doing well aren’t I, go ahead, I don’t care.

What I do say is those that lost the Vote acted and still are acting like a bunch of thugs, spoilt brats who did not get their own way, throwing their toys out of the Pram and if one looks at the US the same has happened there.

I have NEVER, EVER discussed “OBAMACARE” and never would, I don’t know the ins and outs of it, and anyone who accuses me of condoning or condemning anything about it, needs to check their facts.

I live in a Country that believes in Free Speech, although at times one wonders is that correct.  The ordinary UK Citizen seems to be forgotten at times.  When I Voted to Leave the EU I did so because I never believed that we should be part of it.  41 years ago we joined the Common Market as it was then called and I did not want to, I have waited all this time to be Out of the EU, I did not throw a tantrum all those years ago, I did not protest on the streets abuse people physically or verbally.  Dear, how times have changed and not for the better, now its “I want, sod the other person, I want, I want, Me Me Me” and then you have all the Sheep that go blah blah blah to the so called little tin pot Gods.

I have been told the President of the US has nothing to do with the UK, Wrong so Wrong.  Read your History books.  There is a Gentleman’s (very hard to find them these days, although saying that I did have a Gentleman come to my aid this Morning, for which I Thank Him), an Agreement a Bond if you like between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Obama chose to ignore it and even pathetically removed the Statue of Churchill from the Oval Office, well if it made him feel less important that was his choice, good to see the new President Donald Trump reinstated the statue.    Obama made it clear he was no Friend to the UK, I don’t believe he should have been given a State Visit but there you are.  I find it hard to understand any UK Citizen defending Obama against their own Country.  Loyalty these days is very rare and one is regarded as odd if you are Loyal.

Donald Trump as the New President has made it clear He Is A Friend to the United Kingdom, and he is owed apologies from our Prime Minister Theresa May and Members of her Cabinet for rudeness extended to Donald Trump prior to becoming President.  Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party does not escape, he along with his IRA Sympathiser, counterpart John MacDonald (Corbyn himself a strong supporter of the IRA), need to make apologies too.

It is extremely important that the Bond between the UK and the United States exist as does the good relationship between the US and Israel.

There you are, sorry to tell you, if you expect me to “Shut Up” talking about Politics that affect my Country the UK, wrong.  I will discuss President Trump when it comes to World Issues, but I will not as I never have, discuss President Trump and his Policies for the United States.

Terrorism is a different matter, and then the attacks happen as no doubt they will, his opinion is something one is entitled to discuss.  When the Bombs go off and they will, I won’t Shut Up then.

When all those women were on the Streets in London and New York protesting about one man, the new President of the United States, why the hell did these women and so called entertainers not protest about all The Women Raped, Sexually Assaulted in Berlin, and other major Cities in Germany and throughout Europe   –  these “women” so concerned about “Women in the World” and yet there was no protesting about the Rape and Sexual Assaults on Women By IMMIGRANTS.  Now no doubt I will be called a Liar that the poor immigrants that were caught did not do any of the crimes, Right!!

Expect to hear from me, not just on UK issues  but also issues concerning other Countries too,  thats if they concern mine, like Russia.  A Country I very much one day would love to visit, especially St Petersburg, now what name can be applied to me for wanting to visit Russia, I wonder?   If your prefer not to read what I put thats your perogative.  To those that do read my work, my grateful appreciation as ever.

Take care and May Your God Go With You.





Always Relaxing, try some.



4 thoughts on “No I Won’t Shut Up – I Live In A Free Country, The UK, That Believes In Free Speech

  1. I worry so much about you when you write these posts because you get so angry. Think I won’t read them anymore. I’m making you something. I’ll be thinking of you then! 😉 (But I do want to say one thing. Donald Trump is a friend to no one but Donald Trump. Make no mistake. He’s as egocentric and narcissistic as they come. He is not capable of being a friend to anyone.)

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  2. I agree with you, Anna. He will be a friend to our traditional allies. There is a movement here in the US to discredit him, to make his supporters appear to be dullards, and to obstruct his presidency each step of the way. You are correct in your assertion that the left’s outrage about misogyny is conditional. Bill Clinton was accused of rape by several women, sodomized a subordinate female in the Oval office with a cigar, yet no righteous indignation from the press or the National Organization of Women. As long as you agree with with left and their ideology, you’re exempt from the type of criticism the Trump faces today. Can you imagine if someone on the right would say that they had thought of blowing up the White House when Obama was in it? Madonna just said it Saturday and there’s no outrage. None.

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    1. Good Morning Rob, I find it dreadful that woman made a threat and got away with it, where is the FBI that is a Death Threat, absolutely appalling, also Rob all these women protesting for Womens Rights, when did you see or hear any of them protesting about the Rapes, Sexual Assaults by Immigrants that have taken place in Germany and many parts of Europe, mark my word its only time before before the same happens in the the US or the UK. I like President Trump, he is not a Politician and the hard working people of America needed help he listened. I so look forward to any State Visit he will make here, and at last there is a Real First Lady in the White House, a very beautiful First Lady. Its like “Camelot” all over again, but you are too young to remember that.
      Everything you’ve said, you are correct in it all, I am finding I am not allowed my opinion on whether or not I like the President, I am told all these dreadful things about him, really! Clinton was filth, the wife a crook, well both crooks. I think its an absolute disgrace and so disrespectful the way the President has been treated, I believe he will do a lot of good, I have a lot of faith in him. These so called celebs and the sheep that follow them are nothing more than thugs and bullies. I am doing a blog on being bullied, been working on it last hour, my Sons are right its time I took no more, I let it go too many times, but this hatred pure hatred some people have for Donald Trump is beyond me and it seems to have affected some people’s minds.
      Are you alright, I have yet to get my Sons to take Meg’s new sketch off, I mentioned to the Framer and he said there was no problem he will do that too, I hope you won’t mind I took his recommendation of A4 size he said anything bigger than that would distract from the drawing. You stay safe, love Anna

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      1. It’s a sad time that we live in, Anna. There’s no civil discourse any longer. So much hatred and anger in the world. I hope that it changes soon, and people become tolerant of each others views. I wasn’t aware that you had seen the new sketch. Did you like it?


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