Anna’s Book Afternoon

Today I have two books, not large in size but both different and both a jolly good read.

The first book is by a Gentleman, many of you will be familiar with, his name is Leonard Durso and many of us admire him so much for the beautiful Poetry he writes and all the translations.   The following I quote from his book which is called  RIZZO’S WORLD

About the Author   –   Leonard Durso is a native New Yorker, once owned a literary bookstore in Los Angeles, ran English Language programs in New York and Istanbul and once, in a city far, far away, was a scoutmaster, which means he’s pretty good at tying knots, building campfires, and is also loyal, trustworthy, helpful, etc.

The book quotes ” A fast moving thriller from the hard-bitten world of New York to colourful Istanbul.

Rizzo, a New York journalist separated from his famous wife, has settled a little too comfortably into the single life, drinking every day in his favourite bar with old friends.  Then he receives an unexpected call:  his best friend Cemal is dead, murdered in Turkey.  He owes it to Cemal to find out why and who is responsible.  The trail leads him backwards and forwards across the Atlantic, reuniting him with the daughter he no longer knows and the wife he thought he had lost for good, and introducing him to Cemal’s Turkish family who hold the clues to the mystery.  With the help of Cemal’s cousin Meral, an enthusiastic and surprisingly resourceful Turkish journalist, he finally works out  who was responsible for the crime; but will he be able to solve the puzzle of why and instigate retribution before he and his family become victims themselves?


I found this little gem of a book to be very exciting, hard to put down and I can thoroughly recommend it.  It has a beautiful love story going through it, not mushy but very touching.   Priced at £11.99/Euro 14.99/$19.95 it is well worth the money for an excellent read.



The second book this afternoon is called

The Last Word On FRANK SINATRA.  It is co written by George Jacobs and William Stadiem.

George Jacobs grew up in show business as his father owned a nightclub in one of New Orleans’ rougher parishes.  He enlisted in the Navy towards the end of the Second World War, then went to work as a process server for an LA Law Firm.  He became a valet for the legendary agent Swifty Lazar before Sinatra poached him.  After leaving Sinatra, George worked for Steve McQueen, George Hamilton and Bill Cosby before settling down in Palm Springs and becoming a carpenter.


William Stadiem is an award-winning writer whose previous books include the international bestseller Marilyn Monroe Confidential,  A Class by Themselves, Too Rich, Lullaby and Goodnight and Madam 90210.  In addition to writing an Emmy-nominated episode of La Law, he also wrote the screenplay for Franco Zeffirelli’s Young Toscanini.  His articles have appeared in Tatler, Cosmopolitan. Elle, Playboy, Esquire, Harpers and Queen, the Telegraph Magazine and the Financial Times.


This is the story of a man who became Valet and confidant to Frank Sinatra from 1953 when Ava Gardner had just left Sinatra until the end of Sinatra’s short lived marriage to Mia Farrow in 1968, when George Jacobs was caught dancing with Farrow and Sinatra immediately cut Jacobs out of his life, just like that he no longer existed to Sinatra.

It is a fascinating story of all the people Sinatra knew, the women, the Mafia gangsters, the Kennedy’s and finally the disgraceful and hurtful way the Kennedy’s treated Sinatra.  The women, the sex, the money, the money was like water, Sinatra if nothing else an extremely generous man, and of course there were those that would use that fact.  The people who had the dirt on everyone and and those that had the dirt on them, its fast moving, and at times you feel you are there.

Its a great read, especially if you are a fan of Frank Sinatra.  Very hard book to put down, believe me, there was one night when no dinner was cooked in the house, I had to finish the book – be warned.

My book is Paperback priced at £8.99.





Just have to play this don’t I.  Sit back, glass of Wine – too early?  Never mind still have it and Enjoy!

You love Sinatra, have a look at “Sinatra Fan Youtube” – great choice.






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