Protest Of Hatred, What About All Women Raped.

Those Women that protested, screamed shouted caused damage to properties when they rioted on Saturday in London, New York and wherever else.  As they listend to that woman Madonna, I hope they realized that they were condoning Murder that they were screaming and shouting “YES” to a woman who suggested The White House should be BLOWN UP.  Where are the FBI where are the CIA, this woman is advocating Violence is she going to be allowed to get away with it.

When these women were screaming about the New President, Donald Trump and his alleged views on Women, did they also scream and shout about “good old Bill Clinton” and the Rape Charges, the Sodomy charges all the sex with young girls in the White House, consensual or not, Clinton as the President was abusing his Office as President, and what about the wife now what about Hillary the woman that “I’ll stand by my man” did these heckling woman scream about her and her attitude to women and how she laughed in the face of one of her Husband’s Rape Victims, what kind of Woman “Laughs in the Face of a Rape Victim that the Husband is Accused of Raping”?  –  Were the Clinton’s abused by these baying women on Saturday in London and New York, of course they were not.  What about hillary Clintons own sexual relationships, after all she was expected to “come out” during the 2016 Campaign and her bi-sexual relationships.

Now if you are not seen to support these women, if in any way you do not agree with these women and their views, well the rest of us are abused insulted bullied you name it.  These Women no longer act like Ladies, truth is they would laugh at that comment.

All women are entitled to their views, even if you are not all in agreement, every single one is entitled to their view as long as it does not affect the other person, can that be said, can it really be said?

These Women on Saturday were so obsessed with ridiculing slandering threatening the President of the United States, which I am appalled no action of Incitement has been brought about.  What is wrong with the Powers that be, are they scared of these bunch of baying women.

These Women are so so very concerned about the rights of women, all the women it is alleged the President Raped or Assaulted physically or verbally, not once did these screaming mobs mention the “RAPES, ATTEMPTED RAPES  AND SEXUAL ASSAULTS OF ALL THE WOMEN IN BERLIN AND OTHER MAJOR CITIES IN GERMANY, BY IMMIGRANTS  –  AND OF ALL THE RAPES, ATTEMPTED RAPES, SEXUAL ASSAULTS ON ALL THE WOMEN IN THE OTHER PARTS OF EUROPE BY IMMIGRANTS”   –   AND BEFORE THE CRY GOES UP “IT WAS NOT IMMIGRANTS” – YES IT WAS.  Now no doubt there will be those who will now accuse me and anyone else who knows its a fact, we will be called Racists/Fascists you name it.

These Women in New York/London were so concerned about Women, were they?  No it was all about these Women and their Hatred for the President, their hatred their vehement hatred I just do not understand, I think they really have a problem, they need help to cope with why they HATE so much.  Men who support this theory that it is alright to suggest as from that woman, Madonna, that The White House be Blown Up, well they are just as bad for I have had those vehement words of hatred aimed at me, I have had accusations made about me, coming from what is supposed to be intelligent individuals, very questionable when someone behaves that way.  I will no longer be bullied or told I am something I am  not.

If Women are going to campaign for Women’s Rights, if Women are going to fight to have Sexual Assaults and Rapes committed against Women stopped, thats good, but do it in the correct way.  Do not pick and choose.

When Women in London, Birmingham, Glasgow are Raped Sexually Assaulted by Immigrants, when Women in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles are Raped Sexually Assaulted by Immigrants are these women from this protest just gone, are they going to protest about the Victims of  Rape and Assault, the Victims those Immigrants that are committing these horrendous Crimes.

Now one dare not mention the word “immigrants” in relation to crimes committed that they are found guilty of, dare one suggest  it and the accusations are sent “Racist, Fascist”.

What kind of World is being passed onto the Children and I am  not referring to the stupidity of some who blame the President of the US for every single thing that happens.  There are few manners on show these days, its nothing but Hatred out there, not even just Hatred but extreme Hatred, violent hatred.  What is it with the fact people have to Hate and then when caught out deny they ever used the word Hate, what is wrong with people that they feel they have to Hate everything, everyone who has any power or authority.  It is all so sad.




9 thoughts on “Protest Of Hatred, What About All Women Raped.

  1. The hypocrisy is palpable. The vulgarity and crudeness of the gestures of the protesters made Trump’s crudeness and vulgarity seem trivial. I think oeople, women and men, have every right to be upset with what Trump said way back in 2006 when he was recorded surreptitiously. But countering vulgarity with vulgarity makes no sense.

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  2. I am a woman and I am not Trump’s supporter but I can see the hypocrisy that some women have shown recently. I have not seen those women protesting on the streets of European cities against crimes on women committed by immigrants. I have not seen them shouting against forcing little girls to wear niqab. Men can be hypocrites. Women can be hypocrites too.

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    1. I totally agree with you. Why are these women who are protesting against President Trump not protesting about the barbaric Female Genital Mutilation on little Girls. Mothers bring their little Daughters to my Country the UK, from their Country to have the child mutilated, they pay privately, yet the Government here in the UK do nothing to stop this cruelty. Why wasn’t the likes of that Madonna shouting about that. Hypocrisy is everywhere. Thank you for leaving your very interesting comments, appreciate it. Take care, Anna.

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  3. Madonna…yes…she’s the last person who should be talking about dignity and respect for women. I won’t even mention her election promise that also had to do with blowing…disgusting… Thanks for the post, Anna!

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  4. I think these people get ‘caught-up’ in the mob mentality. When you want to scream and lash out – it’s any port in a storm (and this one is the foul-mouthed Madonna). Maybe one day they’ll grow up. (Madonna is enjoying all the press time she’s at their expense.)

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