Having just come on line to read the comments and posts, in the last ten minutes all I have read is “HATE HATE HATE HATE”, what is wrong with people majority so far women, but regardless of sex because I have seen this HATRED coming from some men, very few I have to admit.  Not just America but here in the UK.

I expect a backlash and to be called a sympathiser and worse no doubt, of President Trump.  I do not HATE anyone, contrary to one individual for over a year endeavouring to make me say I Hated an individual and I would not because I did not.  What is wrong with people who feel this I was going to say passion but that would be so wrong because Passion is such a beautiful word, and HATE is such an ugly ugly word.

This HATRED women shout for the President, why because they don’t like the lurid comments made about women.  Get real, isn’t that the saying.  Grow up what is wrong with you, why can’t you ignore it. I worked in the City of London from early 1960s men made comments, did things, some if they did not have senior positions you could slap or say something to them.  Heavens sake do you think we haven’t heard these comments before, no one is saying they are right but the way its been taken out of all proportion.

I had no intention of writing anything about the President and his comments but this morning all this HATRED I find so worrying.  Men talk dirty they always have they always will.  Do women honestly believe that women do not have dirty minds, act dirty, if you really believe that there is something very wrong with you.  I suggest you take a look at some of the UK’s Inner Cities and large Towns, see them on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday night.  Its Prostitutes on the pavements, and these don’t even charge.  I live not that far from England’s Oldest Recorded Town, we have a lot of Roman artifacts, it was a lovely Town.  Its called Colchester, the Parachute Regiment are stationed there.  There was a tv programme made a year or two ago and when shown it absolutely shocked people, but not those who have to tolerate these “slags” and undoubtedly you will find that word offensive, but I cannot think of another word to describe the behaviour of women who go out drinking no pants on lift their dresses to any fellow going by and say “do you want p…y” absolutely disgusting and if you don’t find that disgusting than I am lost for words.  Women in the gutter legs apart waiting for any fellow  –  what the hell have we come to.  Ambulances on the streets of Colchester to help these so called women because they are drunk drugged you name it, organisations on the streets handing out Condoms, this was once a respectable Town, this is just one example of what is going on in the UK.  I no longer go to Colchester during the day.  I have friends who live there and they say they have not been out any evening for so long its just so appalling.  This is how these women behave.

Women complain about  the behaviour of Men.  Sorry but I find nothing wrong with a man opening a door for me, holding a chair for me in a Restaurant, giving up their seat on the train etc etc, what is wrong with that  –  women object and throw insults at men who do that, I know my Sons were brought up to respect women and they have had opening a door for a woman etc thrown back at them.  I feel so sorry for some men these days.

In the Prudential where I worked, the Ladies Toilets, the walls were solid Oak, and on those Oak walls the most disgusting lurid things were not only written but drawn, I worked on the Department within the Prudential that was responsible for all the maintenance of all the Prudential Offices, Buildings, Houses, Apartments, Land the Company owned so much not only in the UK but abroad.  We had very famous Clients who occupied Apartments who demanded attention at any time and always Electricians/Plumbers/Maintenance you name it were on hand.  Ava Gardner had an Apartment and drunkenly would demand attention to do this or that and she received what help was necessary.  In the UK the department I worked on was responsible for all of this.  So every time there was a complaint that some ignorant female had written/drawn lurid things on these Oak Panels, the Carpenters and French Polishers were sent out to restore.

So if you only believe that Donald Trump says lurid comments about Women, wake up.  One of America’s past Presidents abused his office of President, and the Governors Office when he held such a position.  He had consensual and nonconsensual sex in these offices, he Raped. Do you want me to continue, have I heard HATE HATE HATE chanted at Bill Clinton, NO I haven’t, have I heard HATE HATE HATE chanted at Hillary Clinton for Laughing In The Face Of One Of Her Husband’s Rape Victims – NO I have not, how women can condone another women laughing in the face of a Rape Victim is beyond me.

What is the truth behind all this Hate for the President of the United State, the real truth.  Jealousy is a very dangerous thing I have seen it raise its ugly head far too many times.

If women feel they want to or have to follow that FOUL MOUTHED thing called Madonna thats up to them.  Whilst she is spewing out all her hate, after he goes back to her Billions, the woman who talks about Women’s Rights  –   Women’sans Rights, when did she mention FGM The Female Genital Mutilation of little girls, has she been demanding an end to that in the last few days no she is spewing out HATE and Jealousy of Donald Trump.  Does she know she hates, is it the President or is it Donald Trump, either case he is not bothered.  What we all should be bothered about is her call to Violence her advocating the Blowing Up of The White House and all those within, and those that agree with her that is agreeing to incitement to Murder.  Where are the FBI the CIA.

Those that feel a need to protest about Donald Trump/President get it right, the President or Donald Trump.  Just ask yourselves why do you HATE and take a look at your faces when you shout that word HATE and take a look at the damage you are doing to the next generation.

It is entirely up to the individual what they do who they believe in, but please try not to HATE it is such a nasty emotion, I am sure you are worthy of a lot more.




4 thoughts on “NO NEED FOR HATE

  1. It was an awful campaign year, 2016, and one ruse used to get votes was to put fear into people if Trump won. Just about everyone is getting into the act – I think they’re just trying to get that ‘Like’ button finally pushed on their posts!

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    1. Totally agree, my late Father always told me “never hate anyone”, and I don’t what is the point. Unfortunately, I have come across some people whose hatred comes right through in all they write about President Trump. Everyone’s prerogative to agree or disagree with him, but to hate is so ridiculous. Thank you for commenting, I do appreciate that.


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