We Don’t Have To Put Up With It

When I started this Blog I started it with the intention of always telling the truth, because it is all I have ever done, even though throughout my life my not telling lies has got me into trouble.  It has always surprised me that there are people who prefer to listen or read  lies rather than have the  truth.

If telling the truth offends well not much I can do about that.  As stated when I first started this blog it was with the intention of always being honest, and do what I love to do and that is Write.

I have enjoyed writing and meeting and talking to different people from all over the World, and hearing their stories reading whatever they decide to write about, looking at some incredible photographs people take, their talent well they are so lucky. When I read Blogs about other peoples Countries it means so much to me, to learn about all these different places, to see the wonderful photographs.    It has been suggested by some that I have interfered in how some people should vote, I have never done that, nor have I interfered in how that Country should be run.   I do not want to be dictated to as to whether or not I should like someone or not, I have my opinion they have theirs.  I don’t tell them they are wrong yet I have it pushed  at me how wrong am I in liking a certain individual.  Where is the Free Country?

The point is I do not and never have told anyone how to vote in any election whether be in this Country, my Country the United Kingdom or any other Country.  I most certainly do not make comments on the inside workings of any past or present Government, for a start I would not understand much of it anyway.

Now I must mention something I regard as rather serious.  That is Bullying Online.   I don’t know if any of you have endured that and I would like to think none of you have or  will, but I never thought it would happen to me me but it did, it has.

I chose to ignore it on more than several occasions, despite my two Sons telling me to stop talking to the individual who was causing me the upset, I know they were upset and I know they were annoyed when they would see me very upset, crying  –  not angry as has been mentioned – no not angry, when one is accused of that it is because the individuals doing it are trying convincing themselves they are not in the wrong, or they are making excuses.  I know when I am being bullied, I have been through that as a child, bullied and beaten.  Some withdraw into themselves, I became a Loner that way I was safe.

As just mentioned, I know what it is like to be bullied I endured many years of it, bullying comes in different shapes, I think it weakens one for a start you don’t know how to handle it and then the bully feeds on that.   Being bullied on the Internet was something I did not expect, being patronized constantly is demeaning.  You try to tell yourself you are not being bullied, even though others can see you are and are trying to help you, you still try to keep that “friendship” going, being bullied when you like or have respect for that person really hurts and you don’t want to cause any problems, yet why should you put up with the dreadful accusations made against you, bullied simply.

Well I no longer will tolerate being bullied, and I thank one particular individual who has come to my rescue more than once when the bullying has gone too far.   My Sons told me the other night they have had enough, they won’t allow this to go on, they won’t have me so upset again, not being able to sleep because you are worrying over what had been said online to you.  I say this to you please do not think it is to gain any sympathy or anything like that.

I tell you this to ask, please do not put up with any Bullying Online, it should not happen and please don’t let it, if you can’t stand up to it and I have the greatest of sympathy then walk away, don’t be like me and let it drag on and on, you try to fight back but always the bully ends up belittling you, they always have the answers.

I got to the point where I told my Sons I did not want to do anymore blogs and they told me me “you enjoy writing, don’t let it  spoil it for you” and I won’t.  I do enjoy writing I love it, I honestly do I spend a lot of time writing – much never sees the light of day I just love writing.  Unfortunately, I am not able to write as I used to having early Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands, I cannot hold a pen for long, hence the Internet has been a miracle for me, I can be found “bashing away at the keys” as one of my Sons put it, 5am in the morning.  For me to stop writing would break my Heart and, therefore I must not allow the bullying to succeed.

I am always grateful to all those that look in on my site and perhaps read the Blogs, but if you are in anyway offended I fully understand if you choose not to read, I would not pressurize anyone to do that.

Whatever you do, if you find you are being bullied, act immediately even if it means an end to that relationship with you.   Bullying is very cruel, it has to be a weakness in those that do it, to make them feel superior.  It is like name calling, putting titles on people, like being called a Racist a Fascist, it is all so stupid and one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I have been called a Racist and a Fascist and a sympathiser of Hitler and Mussolini, I was born well after World War II.  Because one does  not tow the line, it does not mean you should be called such names, all quite pathetic.   You are worth a lot more, walk away from the bullying.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Take care,  Love  –  Anna.




3 thoughts on “We Don’t Have To Put Up With It

  1. Great post Anna’s Cottage! Bullying is very cruel and disrespectful. Bullies themselves are surely inferior, weak individuals (maybe because they have been bullied). It is so undignified and violating for any person to feed his own self-worth by harassing others.


  2. I know this all too well but don’t let one person take away what you love doing! Keep writing and ignore that person. I think during our election you were very respectful about it. I never saw you tell someone how to vote, you only expressed your opinion and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! If I ever felt pushed to vote for someone I didn’t agree with it never came from you but from the people in my country who told me I was wasting my vote.

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    1. Thank you poppet I appreciate that very much. Sometimes there are people who use their clever educated talk against you, does that make sense. I didn’t go to University have a degree, this person did so knows better than anyone else, so they think. Also I always show my vulnerability, I had the spirit taken out of me when a child, physical scars heal mental ones never do and there are those that feed on that vulnerability. This one knew what buttons to push on me, but as my Sons said don’t let them take away what I love, writing and I won’t. I appreciate so much Angela what you said, means a lot to me. Voting is a personal choice, no one should fall out with each other over it. Your choice is yours what you believe in, you are a strong young Lady and I admire that. Take care poppet, you have a lovely Family.

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