Chances come your way

you ponder

do I say

Yes or Nay

You let it all slip away

so much time ahead you say

then the years have passed you by

you look back one day

and realize

that memories of few hours

days or weeks

or years you turned away

were better much better

than what is left

time and regrets

of what could have been

when you should have said




Such a beautiful song, makes you remember how painful Love can be.  The wonderful Ella Fitzgerald.








3 thoughts on “CHANCES

      1. (Actually I wasn’t thinking/speaking of you when I said YOU. I was internalizing what you said.) I guess it’s like, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all…” That deep heart break so often follows the deep, deep love. Would we give up the love to avoid the heartbreak? I don’t know. But some folks never even have the chance to find out. So maybe in the end WE are the lucky ones?


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