“Do You Remember”

I was just having a coffee with my eldest Son, prior to cooking the evening Meal, and we were talking about funny incidents we remembered of holidays past.

My youngest Son said to me “do you remember that week we had in London and the day we went to Hampton Court”, I did and I was saying how great it all had been and how many Tourists there had been around, when suddenly my Son started to laugh, “what’s wrong with you” I asked.  “don’t you remember the Maze at Hampton Court” he said still laughing.  “Yes of course but what’s so funny about it” I asked,  “all the Tourists”, he said “they could all find their way in, we were English and we couldn’t even find the entrance”, and I suddenly remembered how we had been going round in circles trying to find the entrance.   “Don’t you remember what Jonathan said”  my Son reminded me, trying not to laugh, “what, what did Jonathan say” (my eldest Son) I asked him, laughing away my Son answered “all those kids those rude kids, do you remember now, they were French school kids and they were pushing you, you were nearly falling over and pushing us out of the way and Jonathan turned to them and said  –  “don’t worry about us then, just push pass then, the Germans found it easy enough”  do you remember now” my Son asked and I was killing myself laughing, as I did that first time.

This is not intended to cause any offence to any French or Germans who may happen to read this, we all say and do silly things when on holiday.

If you have not been to Hampton Court, its well worth a visit.  It is very easy to get to, once there longish walk from the road to Hampton Court Palace but well worth the visit, and I am sure you will have no difficulty in finding the Entrance to the Maze, unlike us.






Thanks to   –   “Historic Royal Palaces”  Youtube.


6 thoughts on ““Do You Remember”

  1. I am reminded of my youth in 1970 where I lived in England for about six months. I visited Hampton court alone and I also went into the famous maze. I think I was afraid of not being able to find the exit. A horrible feeling of helplessness. I decided never to go to such a sight alone again. in 2009 and I showed it all to my husband. So great to be back there

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    1. You can travel there along the Thames, if you have the time, or take the Tube which is what I did to Richmond and then got the Bus, but I am sure there is probably an easier way. Depends where in London your Hotel is, central London or on the outskirts.

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