Anna’s Book Afternoon

It is a book on Poetry.  It is named ALONE written by the late American Poet, the biggest selling Poet to date, Rod McKuen.

ALONE, a collection of words – both poetry and prose – by the Man who more than any other contemporary writer had given new meaning and definition to the word ALONE. Tender, gentle, warm, intelligent, biting, sensuous without being pornographic.   More than anything, ALONE illustrated why Rod McKuen was the best-loved, best-selling poet of that age.


We come into the world


We go away the same.

We’re meant to spend

the interlude between

in closeness

or so we tell ourselves.

But it’s a long way

from the morning

to the evening.



One day I’ll follow the birds

disappearing into the rain

going in a hurry, then gone,

glad to be in flight again

not sure why I’m running.


There are some wounds

I never speak about.

Some things that words have done to me

That none will never know.


Rod McKuen, was much influenced by the works of Walt Whitman.   Rod McKuen was much maligned in Life and Death, as had Walt Whitman.  It was to be a very long time before Walt Whitman was recognised for the genius he was, so perhaps that time will come for Rod McKuen.  Though for his Fans and Admirers there is no waiting.  We recognised his genius all those years ago, and those words he spoke are still so relevant perhaps even more so these days.

The Awards and Recognitions he received are astounding and it is sad that this is not recognised, his sales of his Poetry books broke all records, even to this day he is still the biggest selling Poet.  There was so much bitterness and even hatred towards Rod McKuen from the so called critics of those days and even today.  One has to assume had Rod not sold so many books and not made so much money he would still have been popular with the critics, who admired his work until Rod started to sell and break records in doing so, and as a result making “Money”.

Rod McKuen read his Poetry alongside Kerouac and Ginsberg in “The Purple Onion Club” of that time in San Francisco.  It is strange how there is a Road named after Kerouac in San Francisco, yet he never sold his poetry books in any way that would achieve the sales of Rod McKuen’s.  It is a dreadful shame that America’s biggest selling Poet and sweet gentle Man, has no recognition in the City, San Francisco, where it all began for Rod McKuen – shame on San Francisco, and those that have left his name be nearly forgotten.

Rod McKuen Poet/Writer/Composer and Singer April 29, 1933  –  January 29, 2015.


3 thoughts on “Anna’s Book Afternoon

    1. Probably because he used to run so much, he never had a car until he was given one and had to learn to drive, so he just ran everywhere and San Francisco that was heavy running. These shoes he felt the most comfortable in and I suspect when he had a dreadful accident falling into his empty swimming pool landing straight on his feet not only did he brake both legs but he must have done immense damage to the soles of his feet. Later in life he seemed to shuffle, probably as a result of all of this. To me his genius and his gentleness were the most important factor.

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