Last Dambuster, Knighthood Rejected Why?

How disgusting that the Last Surviving Dambuster has been overlooked, in fact it is claimed Turned Down for a Knighthood.  He is 95 year old George “Johnny” Johnson.

Carol Vorderman and Former RAF Pilot John Nichol who himself survived Capture and Torture in the Middle East handed in a Petition signed by 200,000 calling for this Gentleman to be Knighted.

How dare the Government, whether it be under the Prime Minister Theresa May or the last Prime Minister David Cameron, which is more likely he believed in Honours for his Pals and useless entertainment and sports individuals, who lined their own pockets, they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.  It is possible that the Palace vetoed it, nothing would surprise me.

The Last Surviving Dambuster who was prepared to die for His Country his Bravery and the Bravery of all of those that took part in those Raids in World War II is well known.

Shame, shame on those that are refusing to allow a Knighthood for this Gentleman.  Pull yourselves together and do the right thing, Governments are quick enough giving Knighthoods to Millionaires who have Donated to their Party.  To fellow MPs for doing the jobs they are paid to do.  For some old Rocker like Jagger and all the rest of them, or people like the Scottish Tennis Player recently Knighted, a sulky individual, whose name I can’t bring myself to mention.  Knighthood at his age and for what playing tennis, who the hell cares, is he or any others going out risking their life for their Country to keep their Country and its people safe, NO they are not.  All those that gave so much in the last War and all Wars are more deserving.

George “Johnny” Johnson aged 95 years has dedicated his life to teaching children and to helping people with mental health problems.

This Government Needs To Do The Right Thing and give a Knighthood to this Gentleman in the next Honours List, its the least this Government and the Queen could do




3 thoughts on “Last Dambuster, Knighthood Rejected Why?

  1. Well that’s disheartening (especially, probably for him). I’m not surprised though. Our cultures can hardly recognize a true hero any more. Senator John McCain and former presidential candidate, has been treated appallingly by some over here. He was captured and tortured in Viet Name. In my way of thinking, THAT’S a hero (not to mention a man!).

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    1. Too true, I know all about John McCain indeed he is a Hero. I am not in support of these Honours, they should end because now its just those in entertainment, MPs, Money Men, someone who so deserves an Honour always forgotten. Someone like that Andy Murray being called “Sir” is a joke let alone his rude ignorant wife being called a “Lady” I don’t think so. Murray is a miserable tennis player, lines his own pocket and given a Knighthood when a War Hero is ignored is beyond insulting.

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