Anna’s Book Afternoon

I continue with the book STANYAN STREET AND OTHER SORROWS by the Poet Rod McKuen, simply because today is the Second Anniversary of his Death    –    April 29, 1933  –  January 29, 2015


It’s always the strangers that do the most damage.

The ones you never get to know.

Seen in passing cars

mirrored in windows

and remembered.

And the others  –

the ones who promise everything, then go away.

Sometimes I think people were meant to be strangers.

Not to get to know one another,

not to get close enough to damage the heart

made older by each new encounter.

But then

someone comes along and changes all that,

for a while anyway.

Still, as the years go by

it’s easier to remember

the streets where it happened

than the names

and who was the one on Channing Way.



Once in every lifetime

a little bird may come

alone and forgotten

knocked down by the sun.

Every man may choose

to turn and walk away

or take the bird into his hand

and bid him stay.

A man may like roses

and still be big and strong

and what is life without

a little bird’s song?

I’m strong but I like roses

and if a bird should come

I’ll keep him

till his singin’s all done.

I’m strong but I like roses

and when he has to fly

I’ll pick another rose

and watch the days

go slowly by.






Rod McKuen April 29, 1933  –  January 29, 2015   –   Missed.

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