“Remembering Rod – Two Years On” – A Tribute to the Poet, Songwriter and Singer, Rod McKuen. April 29, 1933 – January 29, 2015

Time comes around

and here we are

two years have passed

and you are missed so much

sweet gentle kind Gentleman


Way above you are

looking down from the Sky

to over the Sea

and to the Land

sweet gentle kind Gentleman


So much pain caused to you

unkind words

and untruths

from jealous minds

sweet gentle Soul

that we did know


No screaming fans were we

respectful to your genius your craft

in millions they flocked

to hear your words, your Songs

that you alone had composed

to the Poems that you wrote

from heartfelt words

of Love found and lost

your love of Animals

of all Nature

and the World

sweet gentle man

we all did know and love


Time will pass

but you still sing in the Clouds

way above day and night

you look down upon

the Sea and Land

you are there for us

the Stars at night

that twinkle bright

for you amongst them

look down and smile on us

that sideways smile

that charmed us all

shy and sweet and so polite

enjoying the crowds

who loved you then

as they love you now

Sweet Gentle Kind Gentleman






Two Great Men    –    Rod McKuen and Johnny Cash, both Men had a great love for Trains, they had played such a significant part in Rod’s early days.

Rod McKuen   –  April 29, 1933  – January 29, 2015




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