When I am gone

do not weep for me

for I am not under the soil

or scattered out to Sea

or even scattered

where you think I am


For I am here, there

wherever you want me to be

in the Sky

looking down

watch the Stars

see the one that twinkles first

for that is me


I am with the Birds

that fly so high

over land and sea

see me there


Do not look for me with tears

remember me with a smile

with a laugh

how I would annoy

but make you laugh

for my Irish temper

was so short


Now at times my tears

you did not understand

that was me

my heart did ache

maybe you did understand


When I am gone

say what of me as you may

just remember

the Love I gave

and the Love

that I received





I hope you enjoy, as much as I did,  Anna.

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